'Some Company In China Stole My Game'

That was the alert from Reddit user Fragsworth. It seems that China's Tencent gaming platform Pengyou and the Tencent app store have what looks like an exact copy of his indie game Cloudstone.

According to Fragsworth:

It's pretty clear that they blatantly, seriously ripped us off. They took our files, reverse-engineered the server and hosted the game themselves with Chinese translations. They stole years of our hard work. We have no idea how many users they have or how much money they're making, but they have a pretty high rating on that site and they might be profiting off the stolen game more than we are.

You can see a comparison between Cloudstone and the alleged knockoff, which is called QQ Sky City and Warriors. It does look like the indie game was completely copied.

"I always heard about how companies would do this kind of crap," Fragsworth told Tech In Asia, "but never thought it'd happen to us."

Some company in China stole my game [Reddit via Tech In Asia]


    China is nothing but a kleptocracy

    Here, I'm going to paste the entire manuscript for this new book called 'Original Thoughts From China Since 1974':


    so basically just like all the people in the west who run private servers for MMOs then?

    Stealing is not limited to China, bad people exist everywhere and they will steal when they can

      Yeah that is true, but this kind of thing is rampant in China.

        And no way to bring them to justice.

    Chinese version looks far superior

    When China finally comes up with an original idea, they'll expect it to be protected by IP laws.

    They are brilliant at copying anything and everything, though making it slightly more shit than the original.

    Mercantilism - google it.

    If they have the ability to code an clone, you'd think they would just build their own, original game....

      the code is not the hard bit (though it is still extremely hard). The creative design behind the concept is what makes it unique and original.....technically chinses programmers and developers have proven they're equal to the west.

      Creativity wise however, is a different story

    You don't want the chinese to steal your game? Make it blatantly anti-chinese government. Like at the end of every level flash FREE TIBET in giant purple letters in cantonese.

      And they would simply censor it

    not tencent game

    How about your protect your art assets through encrypted pack files that only the client can access?

    This happened with another game as well...
    It's like people complaining when thieves "break" into their cars or homes and steal everything when they actually left the doors unlocked and open.

    Good stuff!

    They took my jerb

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