Developers Can 'Kick Arse' Without Corporate Overlords Messing With Everything

Not that this is a new idea — it's where a lot of the appeal of AAA devs going indie lies — but it's nice to remember that as annoying as the endless stream of Kickstarter projects are, and as big as the risks are for both developers and consumers, there's an upshoot to the whole thing.

One that manages to entirely avoid the kind of death-by-focus-testing blandness that afflicts so many big-budget games.

Fargo: "Without corporate interruption, we're kicking ass" [GamesIndustry]


    Of course, you may also get Daikatana.

    Tell tale sign of a Luke Plunkett article : the image is bigger than the article content.

    Juggernaut publishers mainly only serve one purpose now.... which is investing in high end graphic engines to produce AAA quality visuals. Other than that.... they're not driving innovation for what gamers truly want. This is why Day Z & Minecraft are becoming so successful, it's because the games are made on the go when it's necessary.

    The days of holding a group of guys in a cubical floor isn't where the industry should be leading, but rather an industry where the gamers are just as involved as the actual designers. There needs to be direct communication between devs & gamers. Until the juggernauts figure that out... they're going to slowly bleed as they invest multi-million dollar projects that solely rely on the FPS genre to compete with Battlefield & COD.

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