Dishonored Lets You Decide The Most Efficient Way To Knock Off Lady Boyle

And no, it's not Susan Boyle, it's Lady Boyle. I have no idea what her first name is. It might be Susan, but it's not the Susan Boyle. She exists in real life; Dishonored is a work of fiction. The above is a really interesting video from VG247 and shows some new gameplay elements. I'm slowly starting to warm to the whole aesthetic of this game. The hype train: I may be getting on board.

The video itself goes through the multiple, Hitman-esque ways in which you can complete your mission. Usually my enjoyment in these types of games comes from the response of AI and the design. If my impact on the world is meaningful, and I can legitimately and fairly reason myself through these situations, then games like this are usually rewarding. If not, well, I might as well just charge through and brutally murder everyone the way I do in every other video game ever made.

But the more I see of Dishonored, the more convinced I become. It's looking rather swell.

Dishonored: new gameplay reveals Lady Boyle mission [VG247]


    This game looks so brilliant! :D

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