DmC's Puzzling Use Of The Words "Obesity" And "Stupidity"

The latest DmC: Devil May Cry footage shows off some of the game's platforming as well as the giant wall-crawler, Succubus. That's not all.

In the trailer, words like "die", "obesity", "stupidity" flash in the background. "Kill Dante" also appears. Subtle, no? (Then again, when has Devil May Cry been subtle?)

Not subtle, sure, but this could be seen as insensitive. Choosing "obesity" along with the word "stupidity" is puzzling. Are the game's developers saying being overweight is the same as being stupid? Wouldn't it be better to use words like "gluttony" or "sloth"? "Obesity" is an odd choice from a Western developer. The comparison is even odder.

Some people are, well, obese. They try to lose weight, but perhaps they cannot — no matter how hard they try. It's not a character issue or a discipline issue. And there's nothing stupid about that.

Worse yet, it's as though DmC's creators are equating being overweight with being an idiot. That doesn't mean this was their intention, but flashing them on the screen at the same time invite comparison, if only by default. Which is unfortunate.

DmC最新プレイ動画 [YouTube via Famitsu]


    Think it's just random words dood.

    Also, there's a difference with obesity and heavy obesity. Weight is a genetic thing, it's much harder for some people to lose weight, that's been studied. But with really big 200kg+ people, there's generally a mental disorder involved. So it kinda fits.

      Is it tasteless though? Heck yes.

      Fat fucks need a lifestyle change, excuses most of the time.

      I can't believe 50% of aussy population is overweight because its harder for them

        Well we know which of the two categories you fit into.

          Alex, may I give you a high-five?


    In Japan, being fat is usually perceived as being stupid as well.

    BTW, unless you have Prader–Willi syndrome, there's really no excuse for being obese.

    In any case, they're more likely words chosen at random, or for their rhyming quality.

      Obese I can understand, morbidly obese then yeah, generally stupidity.

    So getting back to the topic of why developers are hesitant in sharing info about games they are making...

    I find it jarring more than anything, it really sticks out for me, can't work out what role it's meant to serve... I haven't heard 'obesity' used as an insult since... maybe second or third year of high school? Is it meant to be an insult? Or just.... err, a list of things the Japanese have a phobia of... or something? I mean DmC isn't really the kind of game that promotes healthy lifestyles, Dante's diet consists Almost entirely of pizza : / And doesn't he smoke in various screen caps/images...

    Yep I stand by my initial reaction of 'Huh?'

    Yup It's only one step up from the one we used when I was 4 - 'Fatty, Fatty Fat Fat!'.

    But some sort of context would be nice - if the dev explained the idea a little then maybe it would fit - I doubt it but lets at least give the Dev the benefit of the doubt.

    Good joke in the article,
    "Some people are, well, obese. They try to lose weight, but perhaps they cannot — no matter how hard they try. It’s not a character issue or a discipline issue. And there’s nothing stupid about that."

    Why are people so afraid to even admit responsibility for something that both worsens and shortens lives? Smokers and drug users get a bad rap, but someone who eats rubbish and doesn't exercise is a victim?
    And yes, I am aware that qualifying as obese isn't the last word in health, but come on.

    Maybe Dante is gonna hit a maccas?

    It looks like it is just a gameplay device, based on the clip as you get close those words fade away. Having them on the same screen just seems to be a by product of having them through out the level and in that section both were visible.


    The game is set in a population that is being brainwashed by the enemy. So to have degrading comments on walls and surroundings creates a more depressed and zombie like population in game..

    Yes you are being over sensitive.

    Over sensitive much?? Is farting in abes oddesey offensive to incontinent people?

    It is no different to what media conglomerates already convey through tv, movies, magazines ect.. DMC is simply (and literally) demonizing those kinds of institutions. The irony is lost on most of you politically correct retards. It is CLEARLY not telling you fools that you are stupid because you are fat.

    And this is why games can never be seen as mature. If you try to do something that might actually be a subtle social commentary or even something completely unrelated and prone to being taken out of context, certain people get offended. So it's a heck of a lot easier to just offend everyone.

    People have been derogative towards homosexuals through video games for years (albeit via some half-wit on the end of a microphone in multiplayer), and they've had to put up with it. I think obese people can take a single flashing word for a few seconds.

    But ultimately, yes, "Gluttony" probably would've been a more appropriate word to use.

    Who the hell cares? The game is awesome no matter what. I'm surprized you only worry about two little words and not the game.

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