Do You Like This Pokémon Reimagining? Would You Buy This Stuff?

Japanese illustrator Momo Okada is everywhere of late. She's done collaborations with Hello Kitty — and now, her take on Pokémon is getting its own line of products called "Poké Momo" for the Pokémon centres in Japan.

Okada's illustrations look like "yura kyara", which are the local mascots created to promote cities, towns, and rural villages in Japan. Some might find her take on Pokémon as totally cute, whole others might think it looks awful.

Pokémon centre is a retail chain in Japan that sells various Pocket Monster goods. Check out more "Poké Momo" in the link below.

ポケモン,新ブランド「ポケもも」グッズの商品ラインナップを公開 [4Gamer]


    looks lazy to me, I'd hardly call a different pair of eyes a re-imagining

    no it can burn in hell for messing with my childhood

    aw, the gengars are pretty cute!

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