Dragon Quest X Install Times Are Really, Really Long

Dragon Quest X was released in Japan today and is an important milestone for several reasons. Not only is it the first MMO in the Dragon Quest series, but it's also the first MMORPG the Wii has ever had. To make a game like this even possible on the Wii, DQX requires a 16 Gig USB memory stick for all the installation files.

And as for the install itself? Well, for me it took an hour and 10 minutes (50 minutes for disc 1 and 20 minutes for disc 2). And I'm not the only one stunned by the long install. Japanese players are complaining about it as well. Those PS3 install times don't seem so bad now, do they?

Dragon Quest X was released on August 2, 2012 for the Nintendo Wii in Japan. Stay tuned to Kotaku East for our import preview late next week.


    Its dragon quest. Wouldn't have mattered if install time was 5 hrs. I'd still do it

      that's how I feel too

    That screen actually looks quite pretty for Wii.

      It's from the opening CG cutscene =/

    I figured they would be used to the install times for FFXI by this point. Installing that game on my XBox360 took about 10 or so hours.

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