Dude Makes Skyrim Helmet From Real Steel

There have been plenty of cool cloth and papercraft Skyrim props over the past several months. Kotaku reader and crafter Shannon Clawson looked at those and said, "P'shaw! Amateur hour!"

Well, he probably didn't say that. But he did get inspired to make this Nord helmet out of real steel, and he sent us some great pictures.

This video shows the process behind the helmet. I have a feeling that Clawson's workshop has better tools than even Eorlund Gray-Mane's Skyforge. I wonder if every time you ask to buy something from Clawson, he says "Gods be praised!"


    Damn.. Sign me up for hand crafted armour! That's rad..

    Can just imagine while he's there angle grinding away it pops up above his head
    Blacksmith +1

    I think I know who to go to next time I get dragged off to some social event.

    Lets see people try and make small talk when i'm wearing that!! Plus IF I want I can have a quick nap and no one will notice.

    Not trying to suck the wind out of his sails but that armour is supposed to be IRON ;)

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