EA Australia Announces Early Access Tour

You guys all love video games, am I correct? This is most likely why you are here. Do you also like playing video games early? How about playing EA's video games early? Come on! Don't be like that! EA actually has some really good games coming out and it has organised an early access tours around some of Australia's biggest shopping centers. If you want to check out FIFA 13, Crysis 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Dead Space 3 and the rest you might want to hit up the following spots and the following times...

VIC – Westfield Fountain Gate, Melbourne – Thursday 6 to Sunday 9 September, 2012

VIC – Highpoint Shopping Centre, Melbourne – Thursday 13 to Sunday 16 September, 2012

NSW – Westfield East Gardens – Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 September, 2012

NSW – Westfield Parramatta – Tuesday 25 to Sunday 30 September, 2012

QLD – Westfield Carindale – Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 October, 2012

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    Urgh..shopping centres? Like hell I'm lining up with 200 12 year olds.

      It's a line up to play video games. You're going to be with 200 12 year olds no matter where it is (unless it's at the Mana Bar or something!)

        This is probably true. Can't we just have a +18 function?? I suppose I can only dream.

          I'm sure at least some of those games are MA15+. I wonder if/how they're going to police this?

            Excellent point Strange, they can always ask to see their ID's (i'm sure kids still get school ID's with their DOB in high school) that or hold it on a school day and take their chances by allowing everyone who looks of age to play the games lol.

              They will not let people under 15 play Medal of Honor: Warfighter, Dead Space 3 and maybe crysis, so they are only gonna be able to play Fifa and NfS so it should cut the line down abit but the place will be coverd in kids on the weekend i feel for you mate

                Don't feel sorry for me, i'm not even close to one haha.

    DA3 or gtfo.

    And here i was seeing Crysis 3 listed as an early access thing and then i notice EA fails again by only going to the Eastern States.

    Sif not come to Tamworth....

    Wooo i live close to Highpoint!!!

    Carindale, okay then..


    So nice to see WA being ignored as usual....

    Mark Serrels - You REALLY try hard to back up EA don't you? The question is WHY?!
    We can't see anything remotely redeemable about them, sure some of the series they own have a prestigious history but the company themselves are rotten to the core and it translates over to those series, in fact it's been happening for a long time now. So once again, what purpose is there to defend thier image when the reality is theyhave brought the global hatred of gamers on themselves. If you are doing it for the series then dont worry, those series will remain alive after EA goes the way of the dodo so the only reason i can think is that you have a personal stake in EA's continued existance and if thats the case then you better wise up.

      Oh wow...this is the most paranoid rant I've read for a while.
      Did EA personally screw you over, Banefire? Because if not then you may want to wonder why you're getting yourself all worked up over nothing. It can't be healthy.

      Perhaps Mark doesn't have a personal stake and is able to take a mature approach to the industry, unlike others. Just sayin'.

    i generally like games that EA brings out, but i dont like how they handle their multi player protection crap, it pisses me off and limits the games me and my mates can play at lans

    ACT? No? ehh ok. We're used to it...

    No Tasmania :(

    You know one thing I still can't understand? None of these small events ever manage to make their way here, but Game On 2.0 launched 20 minutes away from my house. It doesn't make much sense!

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