Epic Games Announces Best Studio Logo Ever

Today, Epic Games announced the opening of some video game studio in Maryland that has a freaking bear with wings and a unicorn horn for its logo. It’s working on Infinity Blade: Dungeons or something. Bear. With wings. And a horn.

Located in Huntville, Maryland, this new game studio is comprised of top-level development talent, all of whom will be sitting in a building with that amazing logo on it. They’ll come to work each day, doing their Infinity Blade: Dungeons thing, perhaps waving cheerfully to studio director Sean Dunn, and when they leave they’ll feel a slight twinge of regret, because their houses and apartments do not have bears with wings and horns on them.

*looks around his house* Dammit. Now I’m sad. Where’d I put that printer?

Oh! There’s some text on the logo as well. I must have missed it in all of the excitement.

Impossible Studios — our friendly winged horn bear will fill you with glee, and then savagely tear that glee out, which itself is a gleeful thing. That’s a really long slogan. They probably shouldn’t use that. I was just batting around ideas.

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