Epic Games Announces Best Studio Logo Ever

Today, Epic Games announced the opening of some video game studio in Maryland that has a freaking bear with wings and a unicorn horn for its logo. It's working on Infinity Blade: Dungeons or something. Bear. With wings. And a horn.

Located in Huntville, Maryland, this new game studio is comprised of top-level development talent, all of whom will be sitting in a building with that amazing logo on it. They'll come to work each day, doing their Infinity Blade: Dungeons thing, perhaps waving cheerfully to studio director Sean Dunn, and when they leave they'll feel a slight twinge of regret, because their houses and apartments do not have bears with wings and horns on them.

*looks around his house* Dammit. Now I'm sad. Where'd I put that printer?

Oh! There's some text on the logo as well. I must have missed it in all of the excitement.

Impossible Studios — our friendly winged horn bear will fill you with glee, and then savagely tear that glee out, which itself is a gleeful thing. That's a really long slogan. They probably shouldn't use that. I was just batting around ideas.


    Looks really similar to the Oatmeals Bear with wings - http://s3.amazonaws.com/theoatmeal-img/comics/ptero/bearodactyl.png

      My thoughts exactly, first thing i thought when i saw it

    Make it weild a chainsaw

    Same here; at first glance, I thought it was an oatmeal stunt.

    I wonder how those fine white lines would come out when this logo is printed on a page in a smaller size. Not well I'd imagine. That's not great logo design practice. The logo itself is pretty rad though.

    I'd assume they tweak it for smaller sizes or use completely different logo, just the name perhaps

    Nice to see that the author has their priorities right and makes absolutely no reference to the fact that this studio is made up of ex-Big Huge Games employees, the company that went under due to 38 Studios falling apart. Mike Capps graciously created this new studio in an effort to not let the talent go to waste and to help the employees out who had lost their jobs. (http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/175670/Epic_Games_new_addition_Impossible_Studios.php)

    I'll collect my cheque on the way out.

      Ahh so it is - I was wondering that (I do remember reading that Epic doing something to save those jobs) Thanks for connecting the dots!

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