Even Blue Slimes Line Up For Video Games

When Mr Sato isn't eating whoppers with a thousand pieces of cheese, he's eating whoppers with a thousand strips of bacon. And when he's not doing that, he's patiently lining up for video games.

Last night, he did just that: He lined up in Shibuya for Dragon Quest X, dressed as a DQ Slime (even though, I'd say he looks more like Doraemon!). While Mr Sato wasn't first in line, he was second and got to appear on stage and give Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii a high five.

Rocket News documented his line sitting odyssey, complete with a pizza dinner. Yum.

【ドラクエX特集】発売前夜から発売直後まで完全レポート / 最前列の人は前日の午前7時から並んでいた [ロケットニュース]


    Hey, it's Blue Man! Author of 'The Man Inside Me.'

      You forgot Analrapist extraordinaire.

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