Even Nobuo Uematsu Gets Bossed Around Sometimes

Even Nobuo Uematsu Gets Bossed Around Sometimes

I’ve been playing The Last Story, as you know. While researching (read: aimlessly Googling) the game earlier this week, I happened upon this old Iwata Asks interview from 2010.

In it, The Last Story designer (and Final Fantasy creator) Hironobu Sakaguchi sits down with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. They tell some fascinating stories and you should read the whole thing.

But Kirk and I thought this one story was too good not to share, so we decided to put it into Kotaku Melodic for you fine readers. Enjoy:


So for Sakaguchi-san, it’s extremely important that the elements of the game all fit into this overall approach. He will give you the freedom to express things in the way you want within your area of expertise, but he refuses to compromise when it comes to his overarching vision for the game.


That’s right. He’ll always let you know when you’re going wrong. Sakaguchi-san makes music himself, so he is very particular about this side of things. I find it very hard to pull the wool over his eyes! (laughs)


I’ll pull him up on things and say: ‘Aren’t you cooking things up with chords here?’ (laughs)


Ah, it hurts to hear those words, especially when you know you’ve been guilty of things like that yourself… (laughs)


It certainly does! (laughs) I remember that Sakaguchi-san once dropped into the studio during recording and there was a single note that was in the wrong place. He said: ‘Hey, that note is clashing with the others’. Then he left, just like that.

Just like that. Next time you have a hard day at work, just remember: even Nobuo Uematsu’s boss is a pain sometimes.


  • I need to get around to playing The Last Story.

    Just a little over 3 months until I’m free and allowed back into society. (Yes Year 12 is a bitch)

    • In fact I shouldn’t even be here now. I should be programming and writing up pages of manuals, legal requirements, pseudo code and data dictionaries for a SAC due in Monday…

  • The fact that his boss dropped in just to tell him that a single note was in the wrong place… little things like these trickle into the greater picture and makes Japanese video game music so painstakingly beautiful.

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