Ever Wondered What's Inside A Portal 2 Turret?

Personally, the innards of a Portal 2 turret has never really interested me, but Alex Gabbott? This guy is curious. Not only did he think about it, he drew an entire cross section of it. Painstakingly. And recorded himself doing the entire thing. This is pretty awesome.

I got 185gm hot-pressed watercolour paper, which I then cut to A3. Prior to painting, I constructed a solid animation lightbox for about $70AUD, which I then used to trace my rough layout onto the watercolour paper. I then inked it, then painted it in watercolour paint. Because it is inspired by a video game, I was able to use Valve’e 3D model viewer to make it as accurate as possible. The final step was to scan it in, clean it up, and add annotations and shadows. See how easy it is? Simple.

Amazing, amazing job Alex.

Head to Alex's website for more info, and more awesome stuff.


    We already saw the insides of the turret in one of the videos.
    Nevertheless, this is awesome work. But not newsworthy

      So when you're the editor of a news site, you can make sure not to post it. Until then, QQ more quietly.

        No, he's got a point. The canon answer to the title question is: "No, there's bullets, just lots of bullets!"

        Adam, lift your standards.

    Every time I see comments on kotaku it's someone complaining about something. If you don't like the article or kotaku in general, then why the heck are you here?

      There's an imaginary version of Kotaku that exists in the minds of these complaining commenters, and the real one that Mark actually curates just doesn't live up to their personal perfect version. It's so offensive you know? -_-

      Derek you are in kotaku. There is not much standard here. If you want standard go to game spot.

        Wow stupid reply. Was suppose to reply derek

    50% more bullet PER BULLET

    Now that's value!

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