Every Game Has A Hero. Video Games’ Expendables Has Them All.

A while back, I mused about what iconic characters would best make for a video game version of The Expendables.. Artist Vernon Villaneuva riffs on that idea over on Deviant Art and came up with the gorgeous results above.

I also love how the all-star-ness of the idea isn't contained to the cast; it's in the contributors, too. You've got Tim Schafer and Ken Levine writing, Carmack and Kojima co-directing and Koji Kondo on the soundtrack. Don't forget a special appearanvce by... Tingle. Great work, Vernon!


    I can imagine the boring, dialogue heavy scenes whenever Freeman's on screen. Guy just goes on and on

    I love it, especially how unintimidating Gordan Freeman looks... Silent but deadly I guess :D

      He looks like Walter White. Pre -cancer.

    No Bill and Lance from Contra, no Mayor Mike Haggar, no Zangief... failure.

      At least Haggar and Zangief, they woulda made it perfect :)

    Nup, its missing Frank West damn it!!!! He's covered wars ya know!

    Falcon is the one I think could have been swapped out.

      Yeah they should use Ganondorf, they do have the same moveset after all.

      what do you mean falcon could been swapped out no way

    Uncredited cameo from Big Boss is needed.

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