Exclusive: The Art Of Persona 4

Occupying a strange space between Final Fantasy, Bully and Neon Genesis, the Persona series has grown into something of a cult phenomenon in the West. Part of that is down to its unique premise, sure, but another is the series' bold and memorable visual identity.

Even for those who could accuse all anime of looking the same, Persona always manages to look different, thanks to its contrasting colours and original character designs.

To let you enjoy the art of Persona without having to actually bother going back to school and fighting Shadows the hard way, the crew at Udon have teamed up with Atlus to release a book featuring a ton of concept and production art from the game.

If you like Persona 4, enjoy. If you don't, and just like video game art that looks awesome, again, enjoy. If you don't enjoy this, there's clearly something wrong with you, and you should seek help immediately.

The images below are all taken from the upcoming book Persona 4: Official Design Works, which should be out any day now. You can order it right here.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios. If you're in the business and have some concept, environment or character art you'd like to share, drop us a line!


    I love this Game, I love the Art... By all means Persona 4 was a Stellar RPG

    I thought the majority of the designs in this game were really bland, but then I saw the persona's and they were really impressive. I guess it makes sense for the "characters" to be fairly conservative so that the persona's have more impact, but it's a damn shame, as it feels like 2 altogether different games. One being a pretty standard looking anime fighter and the other being brilliantly imaginative and varied like darkstalkers.

    playing P4G now. Persona 4 has great art and good story. Yes, only good because Persona 3 was too GODLY. I heard the previous 2 personae were awsm as well, but I haven't play them.

      is the english version out yet? or do you mean the japanese version? Or gave you mixed up persona 4 golden with the persona 4 fighting game

    Persona 4 had stinky graphics. But the style was amazing. Easily my favourite game, ever.

    And P3 had a shitty ending.

      P3's ending was fine. sad but well executed and pretty emotional depending on how attached you'd gotten during the game. P4's true ending was almost unexpected in how positive it was considering how SMT games usually end.

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