Fake Gun, Fake Currency, Real Jail Time Figure In Alleged Runescape Robbery

A 19-year-old US student is looking at 15 years in the slammer after allegedly putting a BB gun to the head of a classmate and demanding that 4.7 billion Runescape coins be transferred to his character, reports the New York Post.

The bizarre robbery happened after the accused, Humza Bajwa (above, as pictured today on the New York Post's website), first tried to buy the Runescape currency with what appeared to be counterfeit money. David Emani said he was acting on behalf of his friend, Jonathan Dokler, who was at home monitoring the deal on a cell phone waiting for Emani's confirmation that the deal was legitimate, and to transfer the coins.

Even after the first deal fell apart, Dokler still wanted to sell Bajwa the coins, so a second one was arranged. This time Emani flatly told Bajwa his money was counterfeit. That's when Bajwa whipped out a pellet gun that looked like a real handgun and put it to Emani's head, the Post reported.

"I couldn't believe I was about to get shot over RuneScape," he told the Post. He was ordered to call Dokler and tell him to transfer the 4.7 billion coins, worth about $US3,000 in real world money, even though Runescape's maker officially prohibits gold selling. Dokler gave over the coins, and after an investigation, Bajwa was arrested at his Massachusetts home.

Bajwa has been charged with second degree robbery, which carries a 15-year maximum sentence if convicted. The Post of course, already calls him a video game addict. Probably the most laughable quote comes from Dokler, the guy who didn't have a fake gun put to his head in a demand for fake money. "I'm not terribly surprised [by the robbery attempt] because the coins are pretty much as good as cash," he told the Post. You know, you never hear about a Runescape coin deal gone good, do you?

Teen stole fantasy coins for video game 'RuneScape' with gun threat: cops [NY Post via DualShockers]


    Lol runescape money at least you could have tried to rob a better games in game currency.

      Yeah, he should have demanded hats in TF2, at least then it would have been funny.

      I reckon, MMORPGs have terrible inflation, no wonder currency is dropped in favour of items.

        Terrible indeed. I'm surprised he didn't hold a gun to that guys head for masks feathers or whatevers hot and overinflated these days. Most high value trades seem to be done with inflated items like this. Many people are disgusted with cash as you just can't often hold enough of it.

    The pellet gun is not a fake gun, its just not a 'firearm'. People have been seriously injured with these things. Well, no sympathy. New York has a well known zero tolerance policy and up close, air rifles can cause a lot of damage believe it or not. For example: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1216635/Boy-10-killed-air-rifle-accident.html

    So send that prick to jail!

      There is a difference between an air rifle and a bb gun. an air rifle is designed to kill small game at close ranges a bb gun/ airsoft gun is designed not to. They shoot at significantly less fps.

        A bb gun fires out small, often steel, ballbearing sized objects. In one case, a bb gun round lodged inside a man killing him. It is indeed possible to kill with something like this. I would remind you that anything that fires metal at velocity, can indeed kill a person. To get technical, both fire small metal via compressed air, one is generally breached and one fires under compression via cannister. Other than that, any absolute f***tard who dares put either object up to someone in a threatening manner deserves to be treated in the same manner as someone with a regular firearm.


          You've obviously never used a BB gun before, my cousins and I shoot each other with them all the time, they hurt but you half to be extremely unlucky to get killed by them.

            I'm not a redneck but yes I have in my youth. People have been killed by them in accidents. Putting one at an extremely close range in relation to the head does present a severe danger. If you can't see that, then you sir, seriously need to take a reality check. Or move to America...

            What is your point here? Flaunting your knowledge of such weapons? Whether the gun could have killed him or not is irrelevant. The fact that he held someone up with a gun and succeeded (to some extent) is more or less proof that he is an irresponsible dickhead and should be locked up.

            If I pull out a 9mm with nothing in the chamber and no magazine, I guess that's okay? Because it couldn't kill you?

      Let's be honest here, do we care if it's a 9mm, a air rifle, a BB gun or Megatron (G1) spray painted black.

      The person pointed a gun at somebodies head, the guy did something wrong and should be punished for it. What the gun was is irrelevant.

        Really?? Next water fight I have my brother is sooo going to jail!

    Trollololol!! Make love not war. I log onto Runescape after being hacked and have old clan mates trying to give me hundreds of millions. I decline of course and only borrow what I need. But the levels at which people go to be rich is pathetic! There are thing far mote valuable than paper hats or new rare items to strive for in a game...

    Dam Celtics fans :P

    jup crazy ppl well its 4000$worth of money

    Runescape money today, real money tomorrow. Lock him up now before he does kill somebody.

    In both of the "examples" given as links the fatal weapon in question has been a pellet rifle.
    In real terms, unless the pistol the guy used was pressed into the eye, the chances of a pellet penetrating the skull are almost nonexistent.

    in b4 video games make people violent.

    The funny thing is the gold seller will get his account blocked because of this lol.

      Rightfully so. He's probably in part to blame for the actions of the other guy himself.
      Just think of a drug dealer and customer for example. They're not going to go easy on the dealer just because a gold crazed addict held a gun to his head. In fact they'd probably be made to share a cell.

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