Fallout 3 Is Suddenly One Of The Best-Looking Games On Earth

Fallout 3 was released in 2008. In that time, all kinds of gorgeous video games have come and gone, including Bethesda's own Skyrim. But you wouldn't tell by looking at these screens. You'd think they were for Fallout 4, a thing I'm pretty sure doesn't even exist yet.

That's the power, and the beauty, of mods for you. In this case, the famous ENB Series tweak, which along with hi-res landscape textures, improved faces and some changes made to the game's lighting have Fallout 3 looking better than ever (you can get links for some of those used in the comments here).

It also helps that the guy taking the shots, Anthemios / trillville, knows how to take a very pretty picture.

You can check out nice, hi-res versions of the images at the link below. Which you definitely should. Especially if give half a damn about desktop wallpaper.

Fallout 3 [Flickr, via @deadendthrills]


    cant find any video of Fallout 3 running Vibrant ENB though =/

    Article commenting on how good a game looks, posts two pictures. One's got text over it, the other smaller than Luke's level of fuck given for this article.

      " the other smaller than Luke’s level of fuck given for this article."

      haha, love it

      I'll bet more time went into photoshopping "welcome back" onto that first image than it did to write the entire article.

    And yet no direct link to the mod being used. I just wasted ten minutes looking for it until I discovered that it didn't exist and was only screenshots. Fantastic.

      *Thumbs up* for Luke!

      Also, I love the bit at the end where he says "Especially if give half a damn about desktop wallpaper." Besides the error, Luke talking about "giving half a damn" is priceless!

    Since we're piling on ^_^

    I would change "...was released in 2008. In that time..."

    To something like "...was released in 2008. Since then..."

    Or otherwise reference a /period/ of time, before the rest of the second sentence.

    Sorry , I am a pedantic twat. o_O

    I cannot see any reference to this being a Fallout 3 mod, most evidence I can see points to a Fallout New Vegas mod:

    From the Flicker link: "Screens taken using .115 FNV ENB beta."

    And the FNV Mod beta download: http://enbdev.com/download_mod_falloutnv.htm

    Might be installable for Fallout 3, but this is Luke Plunkett we're talking about, more than likely this article is innaccurate.

    Great game, too bad gamebryo games suffer badly from micro stuttering if you up the texture size etc. (even on a high end PC)

    The comments here actually detail some of his config:
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/7729260890/in/set-72157630926518440/

    Hahah, yes! I love all the hate. I've never understood why this website (and others in the network, e.g., Gizmodo, Lifehacker) has so many readers that hate it yet they keep coming back. It's beyond me, but please carry on trolls! It's very entertaining.

      Its because the Australian kotaku editor and staff are very good. I personally think they do themselves a disservice by on-posying most of Lukes work.

    I thought this article was a little odd.
    I checked the US site: http://kotaku.com/5932800/fallout-3-is-suddenly-the-best+looking-game-on-earth?tag=fallout
    There are a good 10 images on their article, we only got one. Something was lost in translation. That's a clever joke, because translation can mean movement between places. Which is the case here.

      This. 85% of the articles on here are superb and informative, the other 15% are the turds that Plunkett decides to shit out in the 5 minutes between what I assume is getting other people coffee and generally being in the way of real journalists.

    I really miss Fallout 3. Personally, that is one of the greatest games of all the time. I can't wait for the next game, Fallout 4!

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