Famous DJs Remix The Pants Off The Halo 4 Soundtrack

We haven't even heard most of Massive Attack maestro Neil Davidge's Halo 4 soundtrack but it's already being mashed, sliced, and remixed by a bunch of different DJs and producers.

Davidge is taking the reins on the Halo series, which has up until now always featured the iconic work of Martin O'Donnell. The soundtrack itself will be available for purchase on October 22, a few weeks before the game comes out on November 6.

The bonus remix album, which features the work of DJ Skee, KOAN Sound and Matt Lange, will be available as a digital download to anyone who buys the physical CD. You can hear a sampling of the remixes here:

Seems fitting that the Massive Attack guy would bring in so much remix talent. Check out the chanting choir at 9:35! I don't know if that's from the actual track or was added by the remixer, but if I'd be into it if the Halo 4 soundtrack goes in this kind of direction.


    Check out what choir? Where are you hearing this? Where's the source?

    "Hey guys, I got an advance copy of some dope shit. Oh, you should totally listen to this bit, it's rad... Which bit? Oh, sorry, I forgot you can't buy it til Nov6th."

    Looks like the SoundCloud player didn't embed correctly, here's the direct link: http://soundcloud.com/neil-davidge/halo-4-ost-remix-samples

    link or it didnt happen

    Links to some of the songs (most are samples, one is live) on Youtube.


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