Feel Like Watching 26 Minutes Of Devil May Cry? Go On, You Know You Want To.

Well, if I'm being precise, and fully honest, there are a couple of minutes of two dudes talking before the actual gameplay action. But still, if you have any interest in this game, you should check this out. It's a great chance to get a feel for precisely how Ninja Theory has reinterpreted the whole shebang.

I was never the biggest Devil May Cry fan. I played through a chunk of the first one, but that's about as much experience as I have with the series, so perhaps I'm not the best person to be making any value judgments on the game at this stage. But that's where you come in! Thoughts?

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    I was an original hater of this reboot. The noisia and glitch mob recordings alongside vergils

    I was an original hater of this reboot. The noisia and glitch mob recordings alongside vergils recent reveal have won me over. Not a massive dub step fan, but the Brit punk attitude with glitch sounds alongside the radically morphing world are amazing. Also the story seems to have some heavily politically motivated dialogue which (given the Assange business recently) gives the whole story a lot more depth (damn iPhone texting)

      Would be an awesome mod for Half-Life 2 - Assange as the G-Man

    Also got to play it at a Jb convention recently. Aside from the average gun sounds, it still feels very dmc.

    I'm a big DMC fan and was very hesitant at Ninja Theory taking this on, but I got a shot to play the demo and it surprised me on how tight it is. DMC's system is known for being very technical and in depth, and Enslaved/Heavenly Sword are known for being very watered down, but it honestly feels like NT has stepped up with this title.

    It looks like... God of War now that they have the pulling chain

      They had that in DMC 4, it was just a giant hand that shot out instead of a chain.

    Now that I've seen solid gameplay, I have come around and seen that NT seems to have treated the source material with respect. It looks like all the things I found fun about the previous games combined together, although the plotline and atmosphere still feel a bit "meh". I still feel it would have been better as a new IP but I'll give it a go.

    When I saw the first images of this DMC, I thought it was from a different series. It doesn't 'look' like DMC at all. But watching the gameplay, and having a crack at the demo afterwards. They really did keep what was fun about the game.

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