Fewer People Finished Mass Effect 3 Than Mass Effect 2

I don't know about you, but I couldn't wait to finish Mass Effect 3. Sure, I wanted to close out the battle against the Reapers, but I played to complete the campaign in BioWare's threequel to see where all the characters I'd grown to know wound up.

Oddly, many other people who bought Mass Effect 3 didn't feel the same way.

In a talk given at GDC Europe, BioWare's Fernando Melo revealed that only 42% of players completed Mass Effect 3 in the five months since its release. 56% of players finished Mass Effect over the same time period. Melo said that the EA dev studio saw a spike in ME2 completions as fans geared up for the release of its follow-up.

Controversy about Mass Effect 3's original ending jumped off soon after the game's launch and, while it might make sense that some people may not have purchased it after hearing about a lackluster denouement, it seems weirder that those who did buy the game wouldn't finish it. I wonder if that completion number changed after the Extended Cut added new material to the final part of Mass Effect 3.

Fewer players finished Mass Effect 3 than completed Mass Effect 2 [Eurogamer]


    It's probably not that they didn't want to finish it, but more likely they rage quit after meeting Maurader Sheilds

    Or maybe they realised that the game was pretty meh all round, and didn't care enough to finish it.

      I'm still playing through the excellent ME2 - gathering my squad and knocking off loyalty missions - Thane's is next

      Anyway, I tried the demo of ME3 the other night (just so I could say I tried it and clear some space on the HDD) and it felt, pedestrian, like it was holding my hand. I've gotta say also with all the controversy over the ending I'm in no hurry to play it - ME2 however is tonnes of fun

    I'm having a hard time wanting to finish Mass Effect 3. What irritates me is how choices I made in the past game seem to have been ignored or overriden by deux ex machinas.

    Seriously, I did not have Udina as councillor so why is he there? I found out that no matter what you do, the Illusive Man has an axe to grind with you.

    I could go on, but I'm certain 99% of readers he who have the game have already finished it and would prefer it if I stopped there.

      Anderson quit in the last good book. So no matter what choice you think you made it was always going to be Udina.

        Last Good Book? Oh, so EA is pulling this nonsense again by putting part of the story in another media, like with Mirror's Edge?

        Seriously, if it is vital it should be in the game. The books should serve as addons and at most add reference to the game and be a requirement.

          Yeah it kind of makes your choice moot. There were a few reference's to that particular book in Mass Effect 3 though. Like Kahlee and Kai Leng and the whole Aria Omega Cerberus thing. I also recall a mention of Grayson. ME2 only had one book reference.

        I put Udina in place. Does that mean Anderson quit from a job he never had?

          That's the unfortunate issue with books being published that overlap with a customisable game universe. By making Udina the Councillor you were breaking "canon".

          This is why I'd rather not read the books. I'd rather be ignorant of the minutae and even knowing who Kai Leng is than feel like my game is somewhow "wrong".

            Geez this expanded universe crap is bad enough in Star Wars and Star Trek - it's really egregious when they tack it on to a video game - a medium that delivers you a story that is experienced personally.

    Red/Green/Blue - nothing you did in the previous games and in ME 3 matters.

      Actually yes it does, if you consider the entire of mass effect 3 and not the last minute. The entire game was a conclusion to the first 2, and your choices were reflected in this way

        That might be true... up until that last minute. Not counting the last minute is kind of silly.

    I've got ME3 on PC and Xbox. (I'm weird like that.) Finished my PC play through on release, but saving the 360 version until after the story DLC is released. I'm sure most people don't have two copies of the game, but that'd mess with the statistics if some did.

      I often get the 360 version (as that is the first platform the game started on) and I get the PC version much later via Steam once the price becomes acceptable.

      Why get the PC version? I get it through Steam because I know my 360 will not last forever and I doubt there will be backwards compatibility in the next Xbox.

        Yeah, I prefer the PC version but like you said, I started the series on the 360. Couldn't just let Shep sit there waiting for a resolution. :P

    How can you finish that which has no ending?

    But seriously though, Mass Effect 2 was superior in my opinion

    How about a new stat... "How many people played ME3 around half way then said 'Fuck it' and viewed the endings on Youtube instead'

      I don't really get all the bad sentiments around the game. All the Normandy and Citedel stuff was so damn compelling. I think I preferred the loyalty quests of the second game, but I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Wasn't massively fond of the ending, but pretty much loved every thing else.

        Hey I finished the game, but the amount of people I know who did exactly that, who due to the hype, the anger etc, said 'I checked it out on youtube cause of the uproar' then never bothered finishing it? Was outstandingly high...

          Oh, man. That's too bad. I waited for the import patch any way, so ignored every thing Mass Effect related for about a month. Might've served me well in hindsight.

            Tbh I never had much of a problem with the ending. Honestly does anyone *really* think that's the last we'll see of Shep or the ME universe? I reckon next gen we'll see them all again at some point...

              That wasn't the problem we had with the ending... that's the problem Bioware seems to believe we had with the ending.

    ME2 was good, and so was ME3. The problem is that ME2 DLC was fantastic and really raised my hopes that they would integrate a lot of it into ME3.

    I'd like to see the ratio of people who finished the game to people who play the multiplayer.
    I for one decided the campaign was a deluded waste of time very quickly, but have played many more hours of the multiplayer.

    I absolutely loved the CItadel in ME3, every moment there was gaming bliss for me to be honest, both in and out of combat. It really felt like I was on a space adventure. Had it not been such a prominent location, I might not have even bothered with the campaign. Multiplayer is incredibly addictive though.

    Admittedly I played ME3 through only once, wheras I finished ME2 about 4 times. My wife finished ME1 3 times and ME2 8 times. She also only finished ME3 once.

    I think the issue is that it's a long, long story, and I think the ending was very, very final. It felt liek there was no point in finishing it multiple times because there's no hope for your personal future, irrespective of what you do.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the game and the endings, and feel that the true "ending" for the game is closing off all those storylines that you set in motion.

    But when you finish ME3 it all just collapses to a point - as it was always going to do - and you're left feeling a bit empty. I consider this a triumph of BioWare's ability to engage us in their universe, not a failure. It's a shame of course that people equate limited replay value with a poor game, even if that game was 30-odd hours long.

    I also think the multiplayer being rather good may have distracted some people from finishing the campaign.

      "I think the issue is that it’s a long, long story, and I think the ending was very, very final. It felt liek there was no point in finishing it multiple times because there’s no hope for your personal future, irrespective of what you do."

      And therein lies the problem. The entire story comes to that one point and then that's it. Whatever you did prior to the final mission doesn't change anything, in the grand scheme of things. At the end of the game you feel defeated instead of triumphant, because your story is done, quite terminally. And Bioware running the ME universe in parallel with some books, and railroading some of the choices that you make in the game doesn't help with the feeling of your Shepard making a difference in any way.

      In trying to make it accessible to everyone, they ended up making it a very sterile experience. Saved the Rachni Queen? Didn't? Same event. The only difference is an abstracted number that affects the cutscene you get. The whole thing felt really broken.

    everything about the game sucked, the ending was just more shit on shit

    Sad to admit it, but i preordered Mass Effect 3 on origin, played the free demo, downloaded on release day. Yet i haven't finished it, not even close. I got a bit distracted by Diablo 3 for a while, but i haven't played that now in months either, and still haven't gone back to Mass Effect 3. Working in IT in an office most of the day, i just feel like i want to escape and get outside on weekends and evenings.

    I haven't even played it. Would love to but it won't let me copy my save off my brothers x-box onto mine.

    Waiting to get it from a bargain bin, so I dont have to give any money to Bioware/EA

    Is say everyone heard their mates saying "the end is shit" and gave up trying to get there. Kind of like "finish your brussel spouts or you won't get any anus pie for dessert"....

    There's also the fact that fewer people played it due to it being Origin dependent and exclusive. I for one stopped caring about ME3 as soon as I heard that piece of news.

    I finished it before the extended cut. Didnt touch it again until about two weeks after the extended cut was released.......now I am about to finish it for the 3rd time and really enjoying the multiplayer (the power of an ending I wanted to see the first time I played it hahahahaha)

    So 58% of players didn't have to sit through the ending? Lucky jerks. I doubt the complaints about the ending was the cause of this, though - the difference in completion rates between ME3 and prior Mass Effect games isn't big enough.

    But it doesn't bode well for single player DLC releases. If there are this many players who can't be bothered to finish the game they already paid for, it doesn't seem likely they'll put down more dollars to expand a game they're not interested in completing. And then you have a lot of players, like myself, who did actually finish it but aren't interested in playing it any more due to the failings of the game, who aren't going to be paying for single player DLC either. 58% don't care, and 42% will be split between likers and haters.

    I bought the 3rd game day one and beat it that weekend because I had to know how the characters ended up but was completely underwhelmed with that flacid wet fart of an ending.

    I would have preferred a text crawl explaining what happened after that instead of that cryptic nonsense with the pulse of energy a crashed Normandy and a old guy telling a story to some brat. Talk about half-assed.

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