Fighting Game Revisions Made Him Neurotic

Fighting Game Revisions Made Him Neurotic
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In today’s episode of Speak Up on Kotaku, because folks are spending more time there than in Speak Up, commenter MrGlider explains how the fear of new versions of new fighting games has him frozen in fear.

So I am absolutely terrified to buy Persona 4 Arena any time soon. Why? Because it’s an Arc System Works fighting game. That pedigree means excellent quality is a promise, but it also means that inevitably, “Persona 4: Arena Social Link” will be announced approximately three hours after I buy it. Then I will trade in the original, for the upgrade, which will feature re-balances and cool new characters. Then, immediately after I do that, “Persona 4 Arena: Social Link EX” will be announced with two more characters and enhanced training and story modes.

I hate that my obsession with owning the best, most complete version of any game has made me a total neurotic, and prevents me from getting games I want when I really want to get them. Has anyone read any articles to the contrary? Has Arc said that there will only be one version of this game? This generation of gaming is as hard on my nerves as it is on my wallet.

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  • Not Persona related, but this sort of thing is one of the reasons I don’t get into fighting games any more.

    I’d not bought a fighting game in years and was excited to buy MvC3. I got into it for a while, to the point where I was tempted to invest in an arcade stick.

    I was eventually put off by:

    a) The extra costs involved in with on disc and regular DLC and eventually the release of UMvC3. I felt screwed over.
    b) The online interface – having to wait for ages in lobbies without even being able to watch the matches that were going on. Maybe they’ve fixed this by now.
    c) The juvenile behaviour from some of the community, via in-game chat and also Live private messages.

    • Arc are actually a bit worse. They charge $9 US for a new announcer voice pack DLC… And they released 16 of them.. All on disc DLC.

      • Why do you need an announcer pack? I think we were talking about Editions of games not DLC anyway.
        Capcom rush out editions of their games as if they can’t make their editions obsolete fast enough.
        At least Arc Systems put a decent amount of space between their editions, like the BlazBlue series for example.

  • Yeah I don’t think I’ll get it either, because I want the best version as well, maybe in 2 years time when they finish adjusting and updating it. Sucks because it looks pretty cool.

  • Actually Atlus does this too, although Persona 3 is the only one that got 2 upgrades, and one of them was more like an expansion pack.

    I think they’re less likely to overdo it since its a collab, but you never know.

    It’s not exclusive to fighting games, either. Until the most recent generation where they’re making a legit sequel, all Pokemon games have this. And then there’s all these Game of the Year editions flying around.

  • Oh Arc Systems. I have three or is it four versions of Blazblue at home. Somthing like five versions of Guilty Gear XX as well.

    Yet I complain about capcom fighters. Oh the double standards :p

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