Final Fantasy VII Accidentally Re-Released, Then Taken Down

The upcoming PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII was accidentally made available for sale on Square Enix's online store over the weekend, before being pulled very quickly.

But not before some people managed to buy the game, which led to some disappointed customers. Square Enix's DRM protection wouldn't let them actually play it, since its servers wouldn't activate a game that wasn't technically out, even if the customers had purchased the game legitimately.

FINAL FANTASY VII PC DRM IS BORKED [Square Enix] Final Fantasy VII PC re-release secretly comes out, then gets yanked [Pixelitis]


    stop taking posts from reddit and making them articles # 1

      But Kotaku (US) would cease to exist then!!
      *Flame shields activate*

      Some people do not read reddit at all so I see no issues posting stuff here.

        I do. Its point blank content theft on a site that regularly (and justifiably) rags on piracy. They are effectively allowing you to skip over reddit, preventing that site from getting rightful page views.

          I don't like channel 9, therefore I get my news fix on channel 7 (as an example, I don't watch a great deal of TV). I am pretty sure you will find that an event happens regardless of who reports on it and whoever gets there first might "get the scoop" but that doesn't disqualify others from reporting the same story in exactly the same way. Do you get shitty at SEGA for releasing a teaser for the sonic adventure 2 re-release even though it was leaked on the internet beforehand? They did after all, give you the news second.
          Also I am in the "I don't read reddit so hearing about this here is a good thing" camp

        I don't read reddit.. I like reading these articles.

      Because everyone on reddit doesn't use any sources themselves, they just know things /roll eyes x 10

      Isn't Reddit a pornography distribution service?

    That Cloud - he is a real man!

      Yes, but does he have great abs? We may never know...

      Except that one time with Corneo...

    Were it not for this article, I wouldn't have found out that FFVIIPC uses Securom. Now I know I can save my money.

    He should have said "I got this from If you don't read Reddit and want to know the news before I re-post it here, go there, now~ What are you waiting for? Me to re-post it?"

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