Finally, Someone Mashed Up The Theme Music To Game Of Thrones And Skyrim

The themes to Skyrim and Game of Thrones have a lot in common — they're both driving, building melodies with a kind of "Nordic Triplet" groove going on. Sure, they're in different keys, but that's never stopped enthusiastic mashup artists in the past, so why should it now?

GeekRemixed has put together this mashup by Fatboy Roberts, called "A Dance With Dragonborn," which combines the two tracks into an at-times discordant, at-times symphonic mix of two of the most iconic recent melodies in fantasy.

There are times where it simply feels like you're listening to two tracks playing at once without any rhyme or reason, and other times when it feels like you're listening to something entirely new. Nice work.


    Good work I guess but I would still much prefer to listen to either of them on their own rather than this. Also too much Fos-Ro-Dah for my liking.

    Finally! Because this is what everyone has been talking about. Right? >_>

    An uninventive mashup of things that already existed? He's got it perfect thematically :P

    Best part: Hiting that MoFo

    Ugh, sounds messy and ugly. There's a reason keys exist, y'know, so they stay in tune.

      Agree with you there. Sounded off key and it is really a mash up -> messy unstructured.

    I guess the best part of it was the opening? Slapping the stupid off Joffrey never gets old.

      Yes, it is one of the best lines in the series. So good!

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