Firemonkeys Push The Boundaries With Real Racing 3

Firemonkeys Push The Boundaries With Real Racing 3

Ever since the announcement that Firemint and Iron Monkey had formed one single mega studio — Fire and Monkeys… together at last — I’ve been super keen to find out what the team would be collectively working on. Iron Monkey is know for doing a stellar job bringing established IP to iOS. Would they work on those kinds of projects together, or work on building up Firemint’s already well established IP? Turns out it’s the latter…

Firemonkeys will be working on Real Racing 3, the latest entry into Firemint’s super successful, boundary pushing iOS racer.

My first reaction to this news was mild disappointment — mainly because I was sort of hoping for the team to combine their expertise and create a blockbusting new IP — but thinking on it, this seems like a really sensible, safe first project for Firemonkeys. Iron Monkey did a great job bringing Need for Speed to iOS, so the team already has a skillset in the racing genre. Firemint, obviously, with the Real Racing series, also know their onions.

Expect fireworks. The trailer above is pretty ridiculous. If you had told me it was a new racer for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, I literally wouldn’t have blinked an eyelid. I would probably have been like, ‘wow, looks good’.

So yeah, look for Firemonkeys to really push the boundaries of what’s possible on iOS with this one.


  • I don’t understand why iOS is the preferred platform for games. All these stats I see says that Android is dominating the market, yet it still has an awful selection for gaming.

    • pretty much because theres only two models that the developers need to worry about, the latest iphone/ipad
      i hate apple products but android is like a computer
      you have one operating stystem and hundreds of variat

    • Android’s fragmentation hurts it a lot, certain phones will have issues with certain things in a game like shaders and textures. With iOS, if the game works on 1 iPhone, it will work on all of them. (bar the performance gap of iP3 and iP4 and soon, iP5).

    • Developing for droid is an absolute nightmare. The range of devices and operating system versions on those devices is crushing – the store ecosystem is poor, the users do not want to pay, and piracy is an issue. At the studio I work at, we have a rule of 400k+ sales on iOS before considering development of a droid version.

    • It’s easier to buy games on iOS (and I am an Andriod owner) all you need to do is buy an iTunes card from a store and off you go, with Android I’ve never seen an equivalent retail card and I certainly don’t want to give them my credit card details. That’s why iOS games sell better.

  • I imagine it would have to do with the piracy rate on the Android platform, plus the fact there are more suckers willing to part with $$ on iOS.

    • Using OS where piracy is commonplace, don’t expect developers to waste there time. I was sad at the death of the Amiga, but I knew I didn’t help with my big pile of pirated games

      • +1 to that. Throw in handset differences and that people don’t pay for stuff on android.
        Also Amiga games were awesome. I had a fully photocopied manual (100 pages?) for Elite II to get around copy protection, probably cost as much as the game!

    • Is the piracy rate really that much higher than iPhone? When I had one most people I knew had jailbroken their phone.

        • Every device can get pirated, even IOS, Android, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, All the older versions on consoles, Handheld consoles and obviously PC, Mac is also in this. The way I see it, if the device has more popularity than others then of course it’s going to be pirated.

  • Firemonkeys is still doing Need for Speed – the old Iron Monkey team is doing the iOS port of Most Wanted. It’s looking pretty snazzy as well.

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