First Look At Call Of Duty: Black Ops II's Multiplayer

This is your first look at multiplayer in this November's presumed mega-hit, Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Call of Duty fans, this is why you play, no?


    There's been blops 2 multiplayer footage on the Internet for months.

    Looks......interesting. Alot of reliance on gadgets in this one it seems.

    Can't decide if the heavy use of devices is good or bad... At least it's different. :D

    - This might be the first COD game I buy after COD4. Looks very cool.

    Oh look! It looks like every other COD game ever released.

      this, were it not for the fact I had a bowl of breakfast in my hands, I would have switched it off at the 10 second mark it reeks of expansion pack with a few extra gadgets and a new paint job

      the fuck is wrong with your eyes?

      Yeah, the shooting and the guns really give it away

    Ah another one, not going to buy it I will keep what little good memory's of cod I have left intact. Any one that has played in the golden age of gaming probably knows what I'm talking about. the cod games that the 13-14 year olds think are good are rubbish but they don't know any better unfortunately we are breeding a generation of low expectation gamers that don't know what real good games are like.

    Those gun sounds are horrible, I'll be playing MoH Warfighter instead if anything...

      yeah, they sound nothing like futuristic guns that haven't been invented yet

    Wow, it actually looks really good. I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

    Looks about as good as MW2, after being spoilt by BF3's large open maps, these janky little "arenas" just feel like corridor clusterfucks. Wont be buying it and will feel better for it.

    Why cant this franchise and its ilk just die already and stop ruining the integrity of the gaming industry

      Because it sells.

        stupid 13yr olds with rich parents

    How 'bout a zombie trailer??

      Do want :3

    You know, even as a COD addict...this game just looks too.....COD. Looks almost like MW3 in that its just a slight upgrade on texture packs, and new toys to play with. Not bad in and of it self. Its like having a car you love, and putting a knew hifi system in it. But if you are really after something new, im not sure it'll cut it.

    I'm done with CoD I think.

    Could people knocking this game please give more of a reason than just "It's the same as every other COD game."

    I was sure that I wasn't going to buy Black Ops II, just because I wasn't really a fan of the story or characters in the first game. But this might have brought me round (this and Zombies). Visually I think they've improved tremendously, I love how the environments actually have colour in them now.

    In my opinion the future setting fits the CoD style that we have now, arena, lots of DM and less team play. I might pick it up for PC if it it optimised well.

    The only reason CoD cops so much is because people that play BF3 and MoH love to let everyone know they do so and the reasoning why. Clearly to some degree it is an entertaining game and that's why it's sells. If it was bad, it would simply not sell. This doesn't look bad at all and will probably get me addicted to it for a good month or so.

    Looks better than the first Black Ops, but thats not hard

    Im not going to be one of these people who says how this game ruins cod and its just another cash grab and its going to be crap and buy it on release date which is the case with most people who played all the others.
    I will buy it just as I did black ops one which was the second best game in the cod series imo after world at war.

    and I played all cods, MW series sucked imo. im 23 so i was around for the first cod games

    I love CoD, CoD 4 is one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time but i can honestly say this doesn't interest me at all

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