Fox News Is Now A Video Game Bad Guy

Of course, he can't come out and say it's Fox News - we live in a world plagued by lawyers - but when Alex Jones, the producer of Capcom's upcoming DMC, says this monstrous video game boss is "one particular American [media] outlet that shall go unnamed", we know who he means.

Dropping the game's hero, Dante, into the fictional "Raptor News Network", the player soon encounters the disembodied head of totally-not-Bill-O'-Reilly, who spews jingoistic vitriol at you while you run around smashing him in the face with your giant sword.

The action then cuts to a scare-mongering "live" news report while leaving you in control, as you play the TERRORIST who has a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.

Sure, taking pot-shots at Fox isn't exactly brazen satire, or is it terribly hard, but it's something few games outside the most culturally aware - like Grand Theft Auto - either bother with or are even capable of managing.

So it's nice seeing that, when the rare game comes along that does, it lets you smash totally-not-Bill-O'-Reilly in the face with your giant sword.

Capcom Gamescom Event - DMC segment [Capcom, via Eurogamer]


    Those damned fools at the Box Network...

    Still not enough to make me want to play the game

    damn, tough crowd.... trailer ends....silence...

    You had me at "smash bill o'reilly in the face with a sword"

    Wow that was truly impressive. Love the gameplay, LOVE the art direction, LOVE the attitude from Dante, its not douchebag Dante, its actually pretty cool. Well done Capcom :)

    oh the drama

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