Free-To-Play Shooter Looks To Have Borrowed A Map From Counter-Strike

Currently in closed beta, Arctic Combat appears to be set in the Middle East, despite its title. That's not all that looks fishy about this free-to-play military shooter. One of its maps, "Sand Storm", is almost a direct copy of de_dust2 from Counter-Strike. See for yourself in that video above.

PC Gamer notes that some corridor dimensions and crate emplacements are different, but the overall layout, including the choke points, remain the same. The rest of the game, well, looks like a straight ripoff of Call of Duty, not that that's a real crime or anything. Arctic Combat is made by Webzen, which is based in South Korea.

Free-to-play shooter Arctic Combat contains obvious Counter-Strike map reproduction [PC Gamer]


    Terrorists win...

    Man that is horrific, SHAME ON THEM!

    That "Changing Mag" is already annoying. Goofy as well.

    Why would you pick to rip off the most popular map of a popular game?

    I think they;re expecting people to lose several years of their life on the map.... like myself and so many of my mates did back in the day. /memories

    This is looking like it'll be a pretty stereotypical knockoff...grab a few popular things from some other games, mash together with limited forethought, sell horrible conglomeration and laugh off calls of copyright infringement.

    gameplay looks like rechyyy

    wow that's blatant!

    I'm sure it'll keep 13 year olds entertained.

    It also looks like the player was using an aim bot. He had no variation away from the target when he opened fire. Maybe the same hacks work with this?

    the glock is the same model from CSGO too

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