Game Studio Sues Another Over The Word "Rebellion"

Stardock is now fighting a legal war on two fronts. Only a day after news of its case against a former employee emerged, the publisher is now being taken to court by Rebellion, the developers of games like Sniper Elite and the original (and awesome) Alien vs Predator.

The issue? Stardock is the publisher of Ironclad's recent Sins of a Solar Empire expansion, Rebellion. Which Rebellion the developer feels will cause confusion and threaten sales, not to mention leading consumers to believe the two companies are related.

Rebellion says it sent Stardock a cease-and-desist in April, which the publisher seemingly ignored.

What a curious case. Rebellion has been around since the mid-90s, during which time games as diverse as NIS' Last Rebellion, Mass Effect 3's Rebellion DLC and Lucasarts' Star Wars: Rebellion were released. I don't remember any lawsuits being filed against them.

Stardock sued for trademark infringement [Gamasutra]


    This isn't the stupidest lawsuit i have seen but it comes close

    This'll be thrown laughed out of court by any reasonable judge.

      And therein lies your problem... IIRC this is being tried in US..

      Shall I give you a quick history on "Edge" and how long that farce went on until it finally got shutdown in a UK court?

    Still not as stupid as the "stealth" lawsuit.

    gawd every company seems to be looking for alternative ways to make money. coming up with things to copyright, so when someone unwittingly "steals" it you can sue them, should be a profession.

    They should've called it REBELLION EDGE and maybe made the box a flat rectangle with rounded corners and a 4x4 grid of icons on it.. for maximum lawsuit ridiculousness.

    le. sigh.

    "and the awesome, "Alien VS Predator") are you fucking retarded? that game so so imbalanced and broken that i was this far - from DEMANDING my money back. Also i will NEVER, EVER by a game from that fucking terrible studio EVER AGAIN!!!!

      he's referencing the original avp on snes (probably released on other platforms as well)

    Wasm't going to buy rebellion - I'd played Sins to death but had moved on. Thinking I may just have to buy it and support their cause. They've always looked after me as a gamer - No DRM, no disc needed after install. It's companies like Stardock that we need to fight to keep them afloat.

    Next up, Monster energy drink teams up with Monster Cable to sue Square Enix and any other company that focuses on the killing of so-called 'monsters' as anti-competitive. subversive messaging to put them out of business.

    I'm going to start a company called And and sue everyone who uses the and from now on. Or like. But Facebook has probably beaten me to that

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