GameStop Launching Streaming Game Service Next Year

GameStop will start competing direcly with streaming services like OnLive in 2013, when the retailer launches its own entrant in the growing field.

The company purchased Spawn Labs' streaming service last year, but while initially promising it would be able to beam games to "any Internet-enabled device", it's since dialled that back a little to only include PCs, tablets and internet-capable TV sets.

GameStop's cloud gaming service won't support consoles [Gamasutra]


    Good luck, Gamestop. Too little, too late - why would developers pay you to take your cut? Think you'll be able to out-value Steam?

    Holy shit.... is this going to be a war between Gamestop and Valve?

    Oh man..... i'm on Valve's side, Gamestop can go screw themselves with their constant "EXCLUSIVE DLC HERE WITH PRE-ORDER HURRRRRR DURURRRR". This is why i'm giving up console gaming because it's been raped several times over by these corporate juggernauts.

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