Geeky Cross-Stitch Is The Perfect Melding Of Retro Game Art With Retro Crafting

Cross-stitch is the perfect medium for 8-bit and 16-bit fan art. Have you ever seen one of the patterns crafters use? They look like pixel art! They're little grids of colour, showing which block goes where, in what shades, to add up to a visible whole. And the craft itself is pretty retro, invoking images of samplers sewn into pillows in every variety of "grandma's house" that society has to offer.

Happily, the folks at Kill Screen have found one crafty Etsy seller who's understood the connection all too well. Her shop also features carefully embroidered memes, other classic gems, and my personal favourite, a certain infamous riddle.

A retro craft to honour retro games? Seems perfect to me!

Geeky Cross Stitch [Etsy, via Kill Screen]


    My girlfriend made a fantastic Zelda themed one for my birthday almost 3 years ago:

    You should check out Sprite Stitch it is a site and forum where people post completed works, patterns and have competitions all about cross stitching sprites/video game art work and other nerdy things like anime and dr who.

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