George Washington Vs Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Fighting Game We Never Played


    I propose a new fighting game using the same engine as Def Jam Fight For NY, but instead of rappers the character roster would be made up of historical figures. That way there could be a four-way brawl between Washington, Hitler, Chaplin, and Da Vinci. One of Da Vinci's special moves would, of course, be a helicopter kick.

    Boom, greatest fighting game ever. Which is why it won't happen.

    woo Washington's winning

    Can't help but feel this should be Winston Churchill vs Hitler... just me?

      The whole thing is incongruity all over. I don't think anyone should be concerned about historical accuracy with a concept this absurd.

      Not dissing it, though, because it's just awesome.

    Cleopatra vs. Confucius
    Ned Kelley vs. Muhammad (just don't tell the muslims)

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