Get A Load Of Catwoman Clawing It Up In Injustice: Gods Among Us

Here now, the new Gamescom trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, featuring a ton of but-whipping (geddit?) by the one and only Catwoman.

Dang, girl! Those are some serious claws you've got there.

(Via Ed Boon)


    - I love the idea of a DC comics fighting game, but the fighting in MK9 was the worst I've ever tried. And this just looks like they palette swapped MK chars with DC heroes and kept the lame fighting.

      Pretty sure they confirmed that it was using the same engine as MvC vs DC

        1. I would pay to play MvC vs DC hard.

        2. I'm pretty sure it's MK9.

    Looks stiff

    I thought this was titled Gods among us!
    Catwomen has no powers. How can she take on Superman? Gods among us yeah sure!!!

      You must be really fun at parties...

    Good to see a return to the Catwoman costume design that isn't completely embarrassing to look at. I had almost given up hope.

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