Guild Wars 2 Thinks Fun Is More Important Than Money

There's a reason I'm highlighting this quote from ArenaNet co-founder and president Mike O'Brien: you just don't see it anymore at the top end of the video game business.

Pre-order money and first-month sales are everything for most publishers, and while Guild Wars 2 has had a big week - there were 400,000 people playing before it was even technically out - there's a limit as to how much money ArenaNet would bring in at the expense of breaking their servers.

The key here is that it's a long-term view. People having a bad experience with an MMO in their first week may never return, but many companies don't look past the initial sale or first month's subscription.Those enjoying their first experience will be back, and maybe back again, and again, until they're fans, who can then spread the word.

It's patient, and it's smart.

Guild Wars 2 Producer: We'd Turn Off Sales to Preserve the Game Experience [Time]


    Is it being too picky to point out that Guild Wars 2 is a game, and cannot think? Whereas the President of the company who made the game certainly can think.

    >there were 400,000 people playing before it was even technically out
    Odd, Kotaku's previous report was that there were 400,000 CONCURRENT players, not only 400,000 total.

      From what I read elsewhere, 1 million total in the head start, 400,000 playing at once at peak during that period.

    Such an amazing game. It is way too fun to be an MMO. I wish I could give everyone at Arena Net a hug or something, so much appreciation.

      You can give them money by buying something from the gem store.

    those views... my god. it doesn't have the greatest graphics, but there is art literally everywhere. it's so effing beautiful.

    My first thought: "Shit I'd better buy that game before they close sales!" Second Thought: "... hey wait a minute.. clever bastards.."

      they already closed digital sales from their website though. I don't always agree with what Anet does, but they do stick their guns 90% of the time and when they change their mind, they make it clear why they did it.

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