Halo 4 Announced For MLG'd Fall Championship. Before The Game's Release

I am a massive fan of professional Halo. Massive. One of my first gigs as a writer was for Major League Gaming, before it was the Starcraft juggernaut it has become today. So I'm beyond delighted to see that MLG has decided to continue supporting Halo, but featuring a Halo 4 tournament at its Fall Tournament in November — before the game has even been released to the public!

As evidenced by videos released on YouTube, some of the top pros have already spent a fair amount of time with Halo 4's multiplayer, so I'm hoping they all manage to get enough practice to actually put together a proper competitive tournament.

My main worry would be that MLG themselves may not have enough time with the game to put together some truly competitive settings. Usually the first year of a game's competitive lifespan is the worst, as players get to grips with new features, new maps, and new weapon balance, so the idea of having a competitive tournament before the game is released to the public? That could raise a few problems.

Regardless of that one quibble, this is a pretty big deal for the Halo pro community — there was a worry that the game may be left by the wayside as a result of its declining popularity. MLG has had a lot of success by focusing on PC titles recently, but I'm happy to see MLG staying true to its roots and supporting the players and the community that helped it get to where it is today.


    "I am a massive fan of professional Halo"

    I'm not, I actually hate what they've done with Halo over the years and the way they've been treating it and encouraging people.


      I cant stand MLG players and all this "omg make sure its MLG settings". No, shutup. The fact that they get the game before the public is pure BS.

    I do think that it is a bit stupid how competitive and aggressive some MLG kids get these days but who cares really. As long as they stay in their playlists and the hell out of the casual ones I'm all for it. Halo is about personal experience and personally I just want to have fun with my friends.

    Keep in mind MLG goes beyond the playlist in the game. In fact we get told all the time to help promote tournaments in game because people aren't aware they exist. Essentially those people trash talking you post/in game do NOT represent the entire community.

    In fact if you were to look and join the forums you'd find (mostly) people are very welcoming. As long as you're there because you love competitive gaming as much as we do.

    Also MLG has not influenced Halo at all. If anything they've catered more to a casual fan base (H4 is certainly trying to steal people from COD). Given most competitive players and fans are old school Halo fanboys we're actually disappointed that the game is continually watering down the skill gap. A competitive game is a fun game.

    Also this is an OPEN tournament, meaning anyone can get a team pass and play the game.

    The game gets released on November 6. That means there's a 5 day gap between MLG freaks and regular players. And the MLG freaks only get multiplayer early. I doubt they're doing speedruns of the campaign as a competitive event... (I don't watch MLG, so if they do that then goddammit)

      They won't, it will be strictly a 4v4 bracket. There will be enough room for 200+ teams in the bracket and from what has been released so far Friday will be a practice day with Saturday and Sunday holding the actual tournament.

      I did say "some" and "kids". When it comes to people, there are good and bad in everything, even gaming.

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