Halo LEGO For Classy Older Folks

Everybody knows that the discerning LEGO fan can not be seen dead buying children's toys. No, they collect LEGO sets that reflect their more adult tastes, like fancy architecture and expensive sweaters.

This mockup, then, is a nice compromise. It's technically Halo LEGO, being a Forerunner Spire, but because that's a building, and it's presented as part of LEGO's swank architecture line, those who love their Halo, love their LEGO and love their expensive Scandinavian furniture can continue living their lives without fear of compromising their carefully-cultivated designer identity!

Forerunner Spire [Titolian, via Super Punch]


    So when is Lego going to come out with the Halo ring?

      Never. They don't own the rights to Halo

      I believe "Megablocks" have the rights to the Halo brand, so if anything you'd see a Megablocks Halo ring. But It would be pretty crap.

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