Have You Been Watching The Olympics?

Every Tuesday we try and talk about non-video game stuff. Today I thought we could talk about the Olympics. Have you been watching it? Ignoring it? Can't wait till it's over?

For the most part I tend to ignore the Olympics. There are a handful of sports I will watch, but very few. I stayed up to watch the Tennis finals, but only because Andy Murray was there (I'm Scottish)!

But what about you guys? Anyone enamoured with the Olympics? What have you been watching?


    Not even a second of it.
    I find it so boring. But then the only sport I watch is eSports.


        here's an even worse thing for you to unsee:

        it's lisa simpson giving a BJ

    Been watching all I can stay up for, except I avoided the swimming as much as I could. Probably like sport too much

    Seen some of it. The gymnasts/acrobats (both male and female) are always incredible to watch - so talented and strong. Also been watching some of the hockey. Watched the cycling road race - good on the guy who won, great finish.

    Being in Japan, I've found that they have great coverage (3 channels, free, which show sports, live. Even matches where they no longer have any competitors) compared to people watching 9's version of the Olympics.
    I got to enjoy watching the Judo, which was awesome, and if I have the TV on, sometimes put it on to the Olympics to watch some other stuff. Table tennis, badminton, marathon, gymnastics, swimming...
    But the Judo was the only thing I was really interested in and wanting to watch.

      How's the Japananese women's soccer team doing? I can never seem to catch it here in Aus.

        Great, they beat Egypt and it's a final between them and the USA for Gold/Silver I believe

        Sorry, not Egypt, they beat France to go against the USA

    As a weekend Hockey player, I have been watching as many games as possible. it's only at the Olympics and Commonwealth games that we actually see the hockey televised. Even though they have a world cup (champions trophy) every year.

    also: http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/london-olympics/german-stephan-feck-completes-dive-disaster-at-games/story-fn9di2lk-1226444423173

    Eh the Olympics maybe if I had foxtel I might care more. Though I have only seen 10 minutes of live footage which until today was out only gold medal win (yay for lying in front of a tv drunk at 6am on a Sunday morning)

    So far, I have successfully avoided 99% of the Olympic coverage, I haven't watched a single second of it, and the only information I know is about how bad NBC has been failing their coverage in the US.

    I don't care for the Olympics.

    Not really. Been hearing a lot of it though, because my mum and sister are both watching as much of it as they possibly can. Every night they set up the HDD to record the broadcast, then in the morning they skip through all the crap to watch the worthwhile bits. Lots of raging at 9's shitty broadcast, where they go on about X amazing event that happened but then don't even show it at all (eg that first-ever women's dunk), or skip on a live event to show a live interview instead. Dumb.

    I used to watch it, cut out almost all TV over the last few years, so that includes the Olympics.

    Saw someone I went to school with score a goal, then promptly went back to my room to wallow in self misery, and wonder about what I'd done with my life.

    Pretty much ignore it.

    The problem is I'm not really interested in any of the sports. I don't understand these people who will completely ignore stuff like swimming and cycling and gymnastics and marathon running etc etc etc, and then suddenly for 2 weeks they're obsessed with it, and then they don't give a shit for another 4 years.

      So are you only allowed to like it if you follow all 26 sports all year round?

        It's your life, you can do whatever the hell you like with it. I didn't say you couldn't. I said I didn't understand it.

      Coz it's generally not on tv?

        Generally it's not on TV because there's no demand for it because people don't care about it other than those 2 weeks that the Olympics are on.

    I'm not even sure what channel it's on to be honest, my TV isn't really used for watching TV...

    I'm enjoying watching the Olympics now that the swimming has ended.

    I watch a bit every now and then, however IMO the coverage is pretty poor. Last night tried to enjoy the volleyball; no luck. The game was fast forwarded, with them jumping to show the 100m finals replay, sailing and some shitty interviews with athletes. I mean choose one thing to show and stick with it.
    Was also getting tired of seeing nothing but swimming.

    Yeah I watch a bit of it , but 9's coverage is awful. An excellent game of basketball last night with Australia up against a very strong Russian team and leading into the last 6 minutes and they cut to heats of the 110m hurdles for women that didnt feature the Aussie girl. I can understand cutting to her heat for 2 minutes but to go for 12 minutes away watching other countries run when our boys were on was pathetic.

    If you have kids , I highly recommend the London 2012 game on console. Its a lot of fun right now with the Olympics on.

      inorite that was crazy dumb. really good game. no idea how aus managed to pull that one out

    Been watching a bit more now that its all finals, only have 1 channel covering it here and some of it is pretty delayed. NZ is doing pretty well for such a small country.

    No. I've never really taken an interest in competitive sport; never really understood it. "Yay, we won!" - no, the athletes won, you sat on your couch shouting at your TV. (No offence intended - speaking mainly from ignorance and general bewilderment at the whole "competitive sport" thing.)

      Also, that logo is not something one can simply "unsee". How did they not see it before releasing it to the world?

      It's something about patriotism and blah blah blah national pride blah. Personally I want to know why the horses don't get the medals in the equestrian, they do all the real hard work, so the riders train them, in that case the coaches should get the medals in the individual events no? Horse revolution incoming.

    Ignoring it. I'm surprised I even know it's on. I don't actually remember being aware of the previous one, or maybe even the one before that. It's every four years right, so if 2000 was Sydney then this should be the third since then? 2008 was... China.. I think. I honestly can't for the life of me remember anything about an Olympics in 2004.

      it was in Athens. now you know

      Athens! The Greek's didn't seem all that interested either. :P

        I bet they'd like all that money back right about now...

    I have! I decided to get the Foxtel Olympics package on my xbox and has been great (although the interface itself is glitchy and expects you to be using kinect).

    Watched plenty of rowing, cycling, tennis and field events that were not on free-to-air.

    I love sport in general and the emotions that these competitors bring to the games make it riveting viewing at times. Not always, I'll agree, but enough to make it worth watching.

    That said, I'll be happy when it's over next week and I can start watching season 3 of Breaking Bad instead.

    Next news article I see making fun of Olympians names, I start throwing puppies into the ocean.

    I've avoided it for the most part, though it's pretty hard to ignore completely due to the media coverage., so I do know the major results by listening to the radio in the morning etc and I know where Australia currently stands in the medals and stuff. I opt not to watch it if I have a choice though.

    barely watched a second of it in week one (cannot stand swimming) have watched a bit more of it past few days (mainly due to 100m sprint) but until they start showing a bit more basketball and handball (yes i like handball) i probably wont watch anymore

    I've been sitting down to watch it while eating dinner and then inevitably get sucked in for another two hours. I have no idea what the hell is going on in the hockey half the time, but it's exciting! Basketball has been surprisingly fun to watch too, the games are all so close. Wish Channel 9 would vary up their coverage a little though. And the commentary is awful, none of the commentators seem to have any clue what they're talking about.

      As someone who doesn't really watch much sport, but is ... associated with many who do, this is something I've felt has become stupidly prevalent in Australian Sports over the last 10 years. From what I can gather, these days TV/Radio(less so) hire ex players rather than well trained broadcasters so you just end up with some blokey blokes kinda of ... talking.. rather than professionals commentating.

    I can't into it when the team I'm goin for isn't doing too well. Australia doesn't seem to have what it takes this year.

    Australia is a flop this year, even Kazakhstan has more gold then we do. All the athletes are hyped too much and now we're being bagged by the British and Americans considering we totally tanked in the aquatics events, which we should have dominated.

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