Hawken With A Virtual Reality Headset Sounds Like A Mech-Lovers Fantasy

Hawken looks good enough as it is. But the prospect of playing the game using a virtual reality headset seems too bananas to be true.

The Oculus Rift VR headset will be compatible with the upcoming multiplayer shooter, to the extent that not only will it work with the system, but Rift owners will get a feature where they can move their heads around inside the cockpit independent of the main mech viewpoint. So, yeah, just like you would in real life.


    so.... why didnt they show using the device?

    It looks like a fail project the rift. Who wants a monstrosity on their face, I'm ugly enough as it is

      Hate much? guessing you can't afford it? whatever the reason, when you have people like Carmack, Bleszinski, Gabe Newel getting behind this, you can est assured they don't think it's a "fail project" as you so aptly put it.

      Who gives a hoot about the Rift not looking as sleek as you want, what did you wish for? something out of Deus Ex0like shades? What people care about is that it's very portable, it's immersive, reponsive and that if works, works, and works...wait did I mean that working part?

    he's the hawk.... the hawk..... he's hawk hawkins

    Im extremely interested in this, soon as they can break at least 1280x768 res i will be HIGHLY interested.
    not that im not already ^_^

    only major letdown at the moment is 640x480.

    Been waiting for a decent HMD for a loooong arse time.

    this + skyrim = bye life.

    Cockpit view sounds like the perfect showcase and solution to not being able to walk in VR. Great looking game.

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