HD Games Are Putting On Heaps Of Makeup. Wait, What?

While I can appreciate the skill and art that goes into makeup, I find this Sony teaser to be baffling. It's comparing HD editions of video games to a woman being made up. The central point is that a woman whose face is covered in make up is the same woman underneath.

But the Sony ad drives the makeup point with a bubble that reads "HD Remaster" and "Restored in high resolution". Subtle? Eh, nope.

At its most base level, comparing restoring video games in HD is kind of like putting on makeup. I guess. That is, if you totally remove all the meaning of cosmetics — their deeper emotional and self-esteem connection — and just look at them abstractly.

And does this clip mean that women without make up are not high res? That they do not look as good as when they are heavily made up? Or is it simply implying that these versions look better?

Sony probably wasn't attempting to delve into any of these larger issues about cosmetics — making the whole advert merely skin deep.

PS3 HDリマスター ラッシュ映像 [YouTube]


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