Here, Have All Of The Races In World Of Warcraft

Little by little, Blizzard has been peeling away restrictions in its successful MMO World of Warcraft, in an effort to encourage transient players to return to its fantasy fold. Come the next patch, 5.0.4, regardless of the expansions a player owns, they'll be able to play as any race from the game's four expansions: Burning Crusade, Wrath Of The Lich King, Catalysm and the forthcoming Mist Of Pandaria.

Blizzard made the announcement on the official World of Warcraft blog:

We want the entire World of Warcraft community to be able to embrace their inner goblin, blood elf, worgen, draenei, or pandaren from the moment they step foot into the world of Azeroth.

Reading the responses to the post, there's a bit of confusion over what this means, with a few players under the impression that all races will become available to all factions, which while an awesome thought, sounds utterly insane to implement.

That said, there was a time when I thought Blizzard would never allow PvE PvP transfers, yet that eventually transpired so, hey, who knows what the company will pull out of its sleeve in a few years' time to give its subscription numbers a booster shot.

All Races Available in Patch 5.0.4 [World of Warcraft]


    Well that's awesome for those on a trial account (if I read this correctly) they will be able to play as whatever race they like. Also good for those using recruit a friend in Mists meaning you can both play Pandaren without needing to upgrade past vanilla until level 60.

      except pandaren, that will be the kicker imo, not going to waste their opportunity to sell

        Well, it does say in the block quote Pandaren, so i'm gonna assume you can play as Pandaren on a F2P account or an account without Mists xpac on it lol.

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