Here's All Of Chrono Trigger In Five Minutes

Reader Dan Hobart has been cutting long Super Nintendo games into digestible five or six-minute "abbreviated" video versions. They're fun to watch, especially if you haven't played some of these games in a while.

Above: Chrono Trigger in five minutes. Here are a few more:

Seiken Densetsu 3 abridged.

Secret of Mana abridged.

Super Metroid abridged.

Final Fantasy VI abridged.

Donkey Kong Country abridged.


    Don't really see what's so good about these. It's just playing the game and showing a few seconds of each level. Actually it's not even that, the DKC video leaves out a whole area.

    I was expecting something a little more clever than this. Meh.

    Maybe someone could redub these with some funny voices? Put some story to it all. Anyone?

    Could be a fun project!

      Something like the "Let's Destroy Metal Gear" and the Persona 4 Hiimdaisy comic dub would be great.

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