Here's All Of Last Night's Big Metal Gear News

In Tokyo earlier today, Konami held a 25th anniversary party for Metal Gear. The time has just flown by. If you were hoping for Metal Gear 5, you're going to be disappointed. But if you were hoping to be wowed, then wowed you will be. Here are the highlights from the event.

Konami Reveals New Metal Gear Solid Game [Update: Now With First Images]

There is no footage. There are no screenshots. There is nothing but a handful of tweets from those attending the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary attempts. All we know so far is there is a new Metal Gear Solid game, and it (apparently) looks incredible. Update: Now with first images! More »

Metal Gear Is Going Hollywood (Again) with a New Movie

For years now, there has been chatter of a Metal Gear Solid movie. The project was at one time moving forward. Then, it seemed to die. Today, Konami stated that the movie is back on. More »

Brand New Metal Gear! It's.. Um... a Social Game

Today at the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Tokyo, Konami announced that a new Metal Gear was incoming, but it might not be coming to the platform of your choice. More »

Want 800 Pages of Metal Gear? How About Metal Gear Tights?

Today at the 25th anniversary event for Metal Gear, Konami showed off a slew of Metal Gear related goods. Some of them you might want. Some, you might not. More »


    Starting to look like Splinter Cell.

      Pfff, Snake was doing his thing before Sam Fisher was a twinkle in his father's eye...

    Solid Snake is the John Farnham of video games.

    The boner I have for all this MGS shit is currently a danger to low flying aircraft.

    So that 'Open Ground Reconnaissance Mission' hoax wasn't too far off was it?

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