Here's An Inside Look At The People Making Torchlight II

We went and visited the lovely people at Runic Games today, They make a lovely-looking game called Torchlight II. And they work in a lovely office. A cozy office. But a lovely one. Check it out!


    whats the release date ? ??

      Release date is September 20th, got announced today via the forums...

      Looking forward to it... Shame it's release is so close to borderlands 2, will have to juggle games :(

    Cute dimple!

    Wow, they're a little bit bigger than what I thought. Nice.

    Oh right, this game. Kind of forgot about it after Diablo III came out... just like everyone else...

      Diablo 3 made me want Torchlight 2 even more.

        ^ this.

        I was much more interested in Torch2 courtesy of the addition of Multiplayer (wouldn't consider an 'A-RPG' without it these days). I saw red when D3 hit and didn't think I'd bother with T2, but given the massive headaches related to 'always online' and the Auction house debacle, then adding to that with the horror patching and ridiculous game tweakage that's going on with D3, I'm MUCH more interested in T2 now.

    Oh man so soon..too soon..I just got Guild Wars 2, Dark Souls and Darksiders 2 and i only have 19 more days till that comes out well guess its time to recreate another backlog of games to await for the months of nothingness to appear so i can actually get through them.

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