Here’s How Activision Justifies Charging More For Angry Birds On Console

Here’s How Activision Justifies Charging More For Angry Birds On Console

Pretend (?) you run a gaming company. If you could bring the biggest mobile game there is purchasable in stores, would you do it? If you’re the largest game publisher in the world, then it’s not such a tough question. Surprise surprise, Activision is publishing Rovio’s Angry Birds for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo 3DS, even though it’s free on Android and available for way less on iOS.

What’s way less? Angry Birds Trilogy, which includes Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio, sells for a buck each for the iPhone. To match with DLC, that’s $US6 total, or $US10 for the HD versions on the iPad. Again, free on Android. This new version? $US30 for the 3DS and $US40 for home consoles.

Before you freak out, keep in mind a few things. First, Trilogy is a digitally-remastered, fully-remade game with 19 original levels (albeit from a huge total of 700+ levels), 1080p graphics and artwork, new cinematics never before seen that replace the pretty simple animations, surround sound, Move/Kinect support, 3D support, achievements, and plenty of unlockables like never before seen artwork.

Plus, instead of having three separate apps only playable on a smartphone or tablet, Trilogy offers it all in one convenient package as physical media. Angry Birds Trilogy sells in stores, on a disc or cartridge. So you can do whatever you want with it when you’re done.

The downside is that it isn’t the full Angry Birds experience. Sure, you can play on a TV in gorgeous 1080p, but the 700+ levels doesn’t meet the 855 levels I counted across those three Angry Birds titles. Trilogy doesn’t include any of the updates released over the past year, nor does it include Angry Birds Space. Then again, even with that missing Trilogy still has at least 150 hours of gameplay in it, not including scoring three stars on every level and achievement-hunting.

What does it mean? For $US30 you can get an alternate mobile version of Angry Birds for the 3DS, which plays in 3D and works with a stylus. Or, for $US40, you can play Angry Birds on the big screen with motion controls. It’s a steep price to pay, especially for a game with less content. Activision representatives did tell me that there are two planned DLC packs, but they don’t know what content will be added.

Angry Birds Trilogy has gone gold and will release on September 25.


  • The 3DS is a ripoff cause it has , No surround sound , no precise multi-touch ,and even low 240P resolution while phones have 480P-720P screens.

    • ok so why is it 40 dollars i read up top i still dont see any justify angry birds 40 bucks shit i mean come on activision you ppl do good games normally this is bs . its only because you all need to make a quick buck so yes it is a waste of money. my I.Q. is above drool. so i am not buying this

  • I have to seriously wonder who activision thinks the market for this is. Although, I tend to think EA and EPIC are ready for the next few years, this makes me wonder if Activision is.

  • two planned DLC? BS its already on the disc just like it is with Transformers Fall of Cybertron. !@#$ you activision

  • I don’t get it. Does Activision expect me to lug my TV and console around so I can play Angry Birds when waiting in a queue?

    God knows who’d actually want to play this on a PS360…

  • what’s the cost of putting a title on one of the console’s online stores compared to iTunes and Google Play? If Polytron say it costs “tens of thousands” to just to patch Fez on XBLA, I’d love to know how much Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft really gouge devs for selling through their stores.

  • Don’t forget that these are American prices. Here the 3ds version will most likely be $50 and the console ones $60-$70.
    I always assumed they’d just be downloadable games, but this is just insane pricing. And it’s sad that they’ll sell like hotcakes as well.

  • even a hardcore gamer like myself can enjoy angry birds on my phone. but no way in fucking hell i’m gonna play it on console.

  • I’ve got all these for free on my Android phone – why a) wouldn’t these just be XBLA games at 400pts at most?

  • Um… Aren’t Angry Birds on the psn store and XBLA? If so, how does 40 dollars and 30 sound reasonable? Plants vs Zombies is on the 3DS store for 6 dollars, so why am I going to pay 30 for this game if it can be downloaded? Sense?

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