Here's Proof That Grand Theft Auto V Has Planes, Bikes And Cars

Here are new screenshots from Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V, the hotly anticipated open-world game that still has no release date or even platform info.

In a stunning move for the series, it appears that you will be able to drive vehicles this time.

Transport [Rockstar]


    As long as they bloody optimize it this time. All these things are useless if the game runs like an absolute dog.

      yeah, because they /forgot/ to optimize it last time? right

    It looks pretty, but unless they fix the driving mechanics from GTA IV, I won't be interested.

      What was wrong with the driving in GTA IV?

        Yeah, I enjoyed GTA IV's driving mechanics. You couldn't just gun it and make every turn. It felt like it took a bit of skill, which felt great when you pulled off a good handbrake turn.

          I can't remember who said it, but I remember agreeing with them when they said that driving in GTA IV felt like trying to drive a piece of soap around. Saints Row the Third had the best open-world driving mechanics I've played this generation.

            The cars in SR3 had no weight, you could have the accelerator jam'ed on full and go round every corner at top speed. In GTA 4 the cars felt like they had weight, it took time and a bit of skill to master driving, felt alot more rewarding also

            I think driver san fransico has the best driving mechanics/physics. I know its true open world like GTA or saints but it is still a sandbox with cars

            Nope, I much prefer GTA IV driving to SR3 driving... hope it's not changed at all.

              Shut up whingers, the driving in GTA4 was awesome. The weight of the cars gave the chases tension. Sure, it had a steeper learning curve than most, but there was nothing wrong with it.

              You just needed to understand the basic principles of driving fast:
              - coast before braking
              - brake before corners
              - coast into corners
              - then accelerate out of corners

              Although, GTA4 was not sim driving. You could handbrake for a corner way early and literally go around the corner sideways, re-correcting for the oversteer. I did it heaps of times in MP races. Killed it too.

              Saints Row driving mechanics are boring as batshit.

                totally agree, GTAIV driving was awesome, felt real, he prob prefer godfather 2 driving

                Agreed, I prefer the driving in GTA4 to most, if not all driving/racing sims.

                Agree, I have always been good at driving games and it was awesome to be able to get good at driving in the game. Being able to lose people in multiplayer and see them spinning out and smashing into walls was pretty great. The driving was very realistic in GTAIV, which is maybe why people who wanted an arcade type game may have disliked it as it went for a decent amount of realism. Which I really liked.

                  GTA IV's driving is the reason I haven't bothered with any other driving/racing games this generation, they get the whole feel of the cars just right.

                You don't really stress that 'way early' for handbrake turns means like 15m up the road, and that you scream down the road sideways until you slow down enough to start going in the direction you're pointed. Probably not the case with the high-end cars, but that's how I remember doing handbrake turns around Broker =P

      I never had a problem with the GTA IV driving mechanics either. I crashed a lot, but I always figured it was because I was driving recklessly. I don't think you should be able to just drive through Manhattan at 250km/h and slide around corners.

        Why does everyone complain about this? I felt like the bomb when I slid around a corner between parked cars because I knew I had learnt the skills required and fuck it looked good. Every car required you to learn its weight and turning. Its not an arcade game. Easy is boring.

      Keep the driving from gta IV, it was the best. Nice, smooth, and slick, not clunky and unresponsive like past titles. Give it some realism if there going to the effort to make the game and story more believable

      I'll never forget firing IV up for the first time and driving Roman's sh*tbox car. I hit every lamp-post for the first few corners. I was blown away and had to step up my game. Much much much better than previous GTA's. It annoys me when people criticize the driving in a matter of fact way, as though it's understood by all that it was terrible.

        TOTALLY. It took time to learn, but made so much sense once you worked it out. Other games feel arcade after it.

    BIKES? BIKES! BIKES!??!?!!!!!

    I'm still not seeing a picture of horses. I know you can do it Rockstar. I want to recreate that scene from True Lies!

      Did you notice Trailer-Man is flying the plane?

        Yep, it's trailer guy!!!!

        The bicycle looks like a single-speed, cyclo-cross. Hard to tell with the sand being kicked up. If so, R* are really up with the times.

          ......I don't know what you guys are talking about :(

        YES! I still hope it's Claude Speed. He needs a comeback haha.

        I'll will be ok with Tommy Vercetti as well.

          The guy featured in the trailer? The narrator? The guy standing on a balcony peering out at the cityscape? The guy leading the bank robbery carrying automatic weapons? THE TRAILER GUY!

          And bikes. Yay.....

          I'd be so happy if Tommy made a come back, though Tommy would be what mid 60's now?

        *penny drops*

        OK I get it now. Man, maybe I should go home sick today.


          Chin-up McGarnical, you can make it through the day.

      Ha, that would be pretty awesome.
      "Can you hurry up, my horse is getting tired".

    I too believe that the GTA driving mechanics were better than SR. The cars are just way to sticky in SR, it's nice to be able to fishtail it down a street.

    Currently playing Driver and as sykotika has said, the driving mechanics in that are pretty damn awesome. If they get it close to that it will make me very happy.

      This! I really didn't like that or i'd spin out when trying to fishtail properly =(

    I'm still hoping for the full San Andreas map. That numberplate says San Andreas, it's a clue!

      go to GTA forums and make a new thread based on that. I dare you. ;)

    I played GTAIV on PC and had no issues with driving what so ever. I noticed on the 360 however that it took a bit getting used to so it could just be a control input issue and not the game itself. (Though the controller triggers have far more control over speed and what not)

    Fighter jets and bicycles? So they're catching up to where they left off with San Andreas.

      Oh you, Rockstar said that the GTA IV map was way too small for Jets so it made sense not to let players use them =P

        also planes in a map based off of manhattan?

        someone would have done something quite offensive and pissed people off

        Well I just think San Andreas was a lot more fun than GTAIV. A more fun sandbox game.

    What's with the title? Proof it has cars? Of course it has cars - it has since it's inception and it's called "Grand Theft Auto"

      I am know right? It's almost like the esteemed author didn't know what they were talking about. And even at the end they mention it bring a stunning change. Maybe they were thinking of BMX bandits where the kids only used bikes.

      He's joking.

      "In a stunning move for the series, it appears that you will be able to drive vehicles this time."


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