Here's The Opening Cinematic For World Of Warcraft's Mists Of Pandaria Expansion

This video preview of the newest add-on to Blizzard's mega-successful MMO premiered today at Gamescom. Enjoy the pandas!


    Pretty epic intro though still doesn't not make me want to go back to WoW. Though if they ever give the engine an overhaul I may come back and check it out.

      Yeah. They do mean cutscenes and trailers, but it's a bit hard to get excited when you know that the closest thing in-game to that fight scene is three guys spinning until two die.

    With the talent that Blizzard has doing the cut scenes, it's amazing that they haven't thought about doing allowing that talent to do a movie or television show based on their products.

      because tv shows need you to make more than 5 minutes of footage in a week not a year :)

        I know that but it makes you wonder why they haven't done something, even a mini-series or something with all that talent just doing game cut scenes. When you think about it, 30 minute show would only be about 20 minutes at most these days anyway.

          and it will take them 4 years to create a single 20 minutes episode.

            It takes a year to make a single episode of The Simpsons. But a years worth of episodes are made at the same time.
            South Park, on the other hand, make an episode a week. From brainstorming to airing.

    Chen's a champ. I'll probably get back into it, but only casually.

    This is decidedly less epic than the Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm opening cinematics. Still cool, though.

    Does Jack Black do the voice of this one too?

    this trailer is really good. It shows that they're bringing back the whole conflict between the horde and alliance which vanilla was all about. I remember hating the horde so much back then, and then BC, WotLK and Cata just drew away from that conflict which made me less and less excited for the game.

    Blizzard also announced that on launch, every race is playable, regardless of which expansions you have on your account, even pandas

      I thought Cataclysm went back to the conflict between horde and alliance.

        It did but no body liked crybaby screamer Hellscream Jr. He isnt a dust mote compared to Garrosh and Thrall. Although they nearly ruined thrall in cata as well. As such they needed to make a whole expansion pack on how to kill a leader of 1 of the two major factions. Im half tempted to buy it for just a single month at the end of the next expansion just to run raid finder and kill Hellscream jr myself,

      Agreed. This looks like a return to old school WoW. Looking forward to it. :)

    Blizzard still does excellent cutscenes. I liked that little touch of humor this one had.

    Man that is soo cool. I haven't played this game in more than 2 years. Stopped at the end of WOTLK and never looked back. This just makes me wanna buy Cata and MoH just to traipse around looking at the scenery. Blizz always does such immersive environments.

    Loved it ... but the shark has still been well and truly jumped. It's now just the long slow decline for WoW now. (That said .... EQ1 is still going).

    A shame that the cutscenes are 10 times better than the actual gameplay

    Looks well rad. Will probably draw me back into the world.... Of Warcraft!

    WotLK trailer is still king of the WoW franchise.

    Wait, what? As someone who doesn't play WoW I thought Mists of Pandaria came out like 6 months ago.

    I was hoping at the end we would see a panda delivering a pizza. Just to come full circle

    can't not picture kung fu panda...

    Look out for Blizzard's upcoming court case when Dreamworks wants their idea back.

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