Here's Video Footage Of The New SimCity's 'World' Multiplayer Mode

Shown off at Gamescom today during EA's press conference, this new trailer shows off how global connections in SimCity will work.

SimCity is out February 2013 for PC and Mac.


    <3 Simcity, im gonna pass though cause it's EA

      Yet still eat food from large supermarket chains, listen to music on a device from a global manufacturer, etc... Enjoy the sanctimonious life.

        Or he might just pass on SimCity because you know, he personally doesn't support EA? (for lot's of obvious reasons, mind you). Stop being such a pseudo-intellectual, it's really not working for you. I bet you're the kind of person who thinks anarchy is a "cool" system and paints 666 on his school books.

      Yeh, I'll only go for it if it's not an origin exclusive

    This will bring back Sim City in an big way. One of the new games that I'm most looking forward too!

    so its single player with multiplayer resource sharing?

    in b4 microtransactions and facebook connectivity.

    Will be giving this a pass.

    If any other developers are reading, if someone develops a Sim Cityish game that has none of this always online malarkey, I'll buy two copies. One for me. One to spite EA.

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