Here’s What It’s Like To Track Down A Serial Killer In Sleeping Dogs

Here’s What It’s Like To Track Down A Serial Killer In Sleeping Dogs

You can get a pretty good glimpse at a lot of open world game Sleeping Dogs‘ features in this walkthrough led by producer Dan Sochan. Driving, conversing, hacking and more.

But you’ll also get some insight into investigations you undergo during undercover police side missions. It seems like you’ll be chasing after a serial killer when the game releases on August 14.


  • I’m not sure about this game.

    Diriving looks a little stiff and arcade-like, reminds me of GTA:SA. Also, if they’re building a case to lock up the higher-ups of some gang, I assume this means the main character doesn’t shoot a lot of people dead? I mean, why bother building a giant case on hard to imprison criminals, if the undercover cop is allowed to get into shoot-outs with gangster and not have any consequences after it occurs….

    I think story plot holes in video games annoy me the older I get haha.

  • One thing that bothers me about games like this is the hokey accents – they really bother me and kinda kill the immersion. I’d much rather see them talking Chinese with English subtitles, like a good Chinese movie – or at least have it as an option?

    • The problem with that is you’ll inevitably get comments about it being too hard to keep up with. Most people don’t like to read through THAT much dialogue, and it subsequently makes it easy to miss things if you didn’t read properly.

      I think what they’re doing is like Assassin’s Creed where it’s half English and half Chinese. I’m fine with that.

      • well yeah even more so would be good to have cantonese and english subtitles for HKborn people like myself. But you have to admit, that you prob wont get the A class acting, when are they going to get Andy Lau (infernal affiars on board or tvbj HK tv actors)-never…maybe (bernice liu).

        Its a game made by Canadians, and its good because of it.

        i dont know i wish it did, like rise to honor, but it’s a big ask that’s all.

        not to mention mandarin is spoken in HK sometimes, now, esp. with the mainlanders (china) arrival….the whole thing about mainlanders coming down to HK to give birth and get HK benefits…

        just enjoy for what it’s worth….

        BTW, whos not going to download that GSP George St. Pierre superman punch? me! doesn’t suit a skinnier Asian!

  • Does look a little rough around the edges, but not enough so that I think it’ll get in the way of the fun.
    That and with no GTA or Saints Row coming this year and with nothing else quite like that on the horizon that I’m aware of I think Sleeping Dogs will fill that hole just fine, at least for me.

  • I am very excited for this.
    Basically an open world game set in an non American city. HONG KONG!!!
    Also there seems to be more little things to make things less chore like than say GTA4 was. I hope it sells well.

  • I heard a few Cantonese snippets in there, like when the guy jumped onto the car you can hear the serial killer saying “are you crazy, this is my car” or words to that effect

  • I think this game looks pretty awesome. I’m hoping for a lovechild of San Andreas and Stranglehold, but even if it only lives up to half of that, that’ll still make a fun game.

    • i totally agree, there are some good reviews from UKmagazine and other places…I just hope they can push the PS3 to it’s limit. tho i know theres a lot of xboxers out there as well.

  • whos will use the ‘superman punch’ geoge st. pierre…i personally wont use does not suit an skinnier asian…

    and canto dubb, can’t expect that really, esp when we have A-list hollywood acting skills…and i was born in HK and speak canto…i dunno its a good idea tho, esp if they get some good canto speakers/actors..

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