Hey, Go Check Out The New Attract Mode

Once a cute little shop with a blog, Attract Mode has been reborn (after a lengthy hiatus) as a "video game collective", made up of "game makers, film makers, designers, artists and journalists".

If you need more specific information, some of the people lending a hand include artists Cory Schmitz and Maré Odomo, indie developers Phil Fish (Fez) and Superbrothers {Sword & Sworcery) and writers Eric Caoili (Tiny Cartridge) and JC Fletcher (Joystiq).

The store is still there (now "powered" by the wonderful Fangamer), but just as prominent these days are a beefed-up calender of events and a prettier blog.

Basically, it's all looking rather lovely. Check it out below.

[Attract Mode]


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