Hey Look, It's The First Level Of System Shock 2 In Valve's Source Engine

Before you get all super excited about "OMG System Shock 2 remake," well… this isn't one. What it is is a fun way to imagine what one of the greatest games of all time would look like with a more current engine.

Inspired by those images depicting what BioShock would look like in Crytek's CryEngine 3, Mark Valentine has recreated the first level of Ken Levine's 1999 horror-adventure opus.

Thanks, Mark, for a bit more fodder for our hopes and dreams of an up-res'd, smooth running new version of System Shock 2. Now, who wants to go Kickstart the real thing?


    I don't even want a more modern version of SS2. I just want the old version to run properly. I've tried a dozen times to get it to work, patching, etc., and I can't get it past the first training course before it crashes. :(

      The game is not compatible with multi-core systems. Try setting the processor affinity once the game starts (Google is your friend for instructions) so it only uses a single core.

        I hadn't heard that explanation, I haven't been able to run it since I upgraded from a system with Windows 98, so I'd all but given up. Thanks!

          It worked for me with the demo (and I had the same problem as you) and a real copy a friend lent me so I can give the game a try.

          Mind you, after running through 20 pairs of boxers in 5 minutes I stopped playing.....

      This. I did end up getting it working somehow, but if it was ever released on GOG.com I'd buy it in 3 seconds flat.

    wise is right! There is a bit of a trick to getting it running but it will work on newer systems! I went though a few months back and played though has to be one of the best games ever made in my opinion!

    Oooh! Flashback-y! That's where you wake up.... and that's where you get your cybermodules, oh and that's where you need a battery to open the door, and there's a security camera around that corner, ooh and a turret in that corner, and...

    ... yeah I played that game waaaay too much. I seem to recall I also gave the demo a damn good thrashing before I got the game proper.

      I had to play through the demo at least 30 times before I got the game proper

    OMG System Shock 2 remake!!!... awwww

    I forgot the music. I need to play it again now


    System Shock 2 is my favorite game ever. I'd love an HD remake.

      Agree - I load it up every couple of years and do a run through but last time it really felt like it showed its age - even with updating some textures etc. from sites like sshock2.com and systemshock.org.

      But yes - a million times yes - a HD remake of Shock 1 & 2 would be spectacular. The bioshock games never grabbed me the way the system shock games did.

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