Holy Crap, Grand Theft Auto V Looks Gorgeous

These new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V, which Rockstar will release at some point to be announced on some consoles to be announced, are absolutely stunning.

Parachuting (pictured below) isn't new to the series; The Ballad of Gay Tony downloadable content added it to Grand Theft Auto IV, and San Andreas had it too.

Tennis, on the other hand, seems like a totally new addition for Grand Theft Auto V. Maybe a throwback to Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis?

What's most interesting about these shots is that they appear to focus on natural environments. It's a nice contrast to the urban Grand Theft Auto IV.


    Please.. on please give us a PC version of this, same time as consoles

      Given I was able to pre order at EB Games for PC, I don't see this becoming an issue.

        This is EB you're talking about. They will start taking pre-orders for GTA 6 if it means more money for them. As optimistic as I'd like to be, I don't see Rockstar releasing all platforms together. Their last game LA Noire didn't do this either.

          Their last game L.A. Noire, so Max Payne 3 didn't happen? Anyway Rockstar only published L.A. Noire, it was a Team Bondi creation remember ;)

        eb games would take a preorder for a fart if they could get away with it.

          lol for a fart... good one.

        EB has allowed people to preorder games before mistakenly... that being said, GTA has a firm history of PC/Console release so I'd say it's a given.

        Pre-ordoring at EB means nothing. They don't know anything we don't.

        PS3's and 360s are pretty cheap... A much better GTA experience in my opinion.

          Gta on PC for the graphics, plugged into my home theatre system with a Logitech controller. Best setup ever.

          What is possibly better about playing a new game on a 7 year old console with low resolution, low framerate and being forced to use a controller?

          Don't say "you can play it from your couch" because everyone should know by now that you can easily plug a PC into a TV and use whatever wireless control device you want.

      I doubt it will be same day release, due to rampant piracy on PC.

      Expect it 3-6 months later.

    Either this is a next gen game,pc screenshots shown,end product visually downgraded or runs at 15 frames per second.

      Or knowing how poorly GTA is optimized it could be all the above.

    Don't underestimate what millions of dollars can do for the polish of a game that is expected to make another billion dollars...

    With the lack of information about the game, I am starting to wonder whether this will skip this gen & move onto the next Xbox, PS4 & WiiU.

      You'd think so, but releasing it on current gen would mean more sales as $70 is a lot more appealing than ~$500 to just play the game. But they might release a version for both, who knows...

    Now even MORE activities to do with your cousin!


      Oh right you mean Niko & Roman, I thought you mean the southern states version of cousins for a moment LOL.

    So glad I have this pre ordered.

    Who's down for some epic multiplayer on release?

    Could these shots be taken from a new trailer? all these shots show movement.

    At the moment they do look absolutely stunning but dont believe that the final game will look this good.

      You could have something there re. a new trailer, Luke....

      Btw...for those who have, why pre-order it now? No doubt R* will announce some uber-amazing Collectors Edition. I'm waiting for that.

    Personally I think it looks fuckin ugly.

      Well you're Fat

        I may be, but my eyes are keen. And you too may see some last gen fugly if you examine these images.

          They look just crappy enough to maybe be possible on current gen consoles.

    looks like crap and i want my money back...even though i havn't pre-ordered this game, i still want mt money back
    "joe siegler"

    Whilst these screens *are* pretty, I think they're easily viable on the current gen consoles. The more impressive elements are achieved with good bump mapping and some motion blur. I still think a title like Crysis 2 is of a higher visual standard – but graphics were never GTA's primary selling point.

    I'd love it if Rockstar surprised us with the announcement: "Oh btw it's out tomorrow."

      That's more a Valve & Half-Life 3 thing I think. But it'd be cool.

      I am hoping its a launch title for the next consoles but I doubt it :(

    Now take that community hack for massive multiplayer with Just Cause 2 and apply that to GTA V already!

    Looks bloody fantastic...

    San Andreas has got to be my all time favorite game, this looks to be exactly what I want in my GTA's

    I hope they have a funny knock off of Disneyland this time around.

      Yup it would be nice to ride a rollercoaster - on a dirt bike.

      Glory Hole Theme Park!

        GLORY HOLE
        Where strangers become friends!
        You don't need to know names!

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