Holy Crap It's A Far Cry 3 Leopard Attack

Man, I'm starting to think that Far Cry 3 is more of a "Big Cat Hunter" game than the action game that Ubisoft is describing it as. How else to describe the fact that the best screenshots from the game all feature giant jungle cats doing rad stuff?

Ubi dropped a passel of their trademark "insanely polished and posed screenshots" at Gamescom. Here they are. It's too bad Tina is off this week, she'd love all these cats:


    one of the many things big things that was wrong with farcry 2 was the lack of predatory animals, good to see this has been fixed in number 3

      This, times a thousand.

    Sweet! I always wanted to go hunting in Far Cry 2.

    The leopards look like they're made out of Playdoh ... in fact everything does

      ok, you do better then. Go on, make a game. Gleno Studios presents...

        on behalf of Gleno I apologise for him giving his opinion.

    Is it wrong that I think the poker game is the most interesting thing in those screenshots?... Seems like it could be a very cool way to mix the exposition in with the gameplay, not to mention the fact that they're likely to be betting more then just money.

      " I don't have buy-in, but will you accept shiny golden AK-47 as collateral?"

      "Yes. Hell yes."

    Looking awesome!

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